Bristol Palin to Give Speeches For Money

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Bristol Palin recently said life is really hard as a single, working mom.

Such is life. But it's about to become more lucrative for her, at least.

The 19-year-old daughter of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin is set to join the speaker circuit and make between $15,000-30,000 per speech, reports say.

Amazingly, this implies there are people willing to pay that amount.

"Her teen pregnancy and the birth of her son Tripp resulted in millions of Americans discussing the issue of teen pregnancy," reads her Single Source Speakers bio.

Bristol Palin, Nude Tripp Johnston

Oh, to be a struggling new mother ... giving your infant son a bath and collecting five-figure checks from In Touch Weekly and the like on a semi-regular basis.

"Bristol Palin has since gone on to become a Teen Ambassador for the Candie's Foundation, and speaks about pregnancy prevention, abstinence, faith and life."

In addition to posing for magazines, Levi Johnston's baby mama has become an hypocritical advocate for abstinence since welcoming Tripp 16 months ago.

In a People cover story a year ago, Palin warned teens about how hard it is to be a teen mom. "Girls need to imagine and picture their life with a screaming newborn baby and then think before they have sex ... Think about the consequences."

She said the same in her teen pregnancy PSA for Candie's.


Why is it that our culture in this country is to reward bad behavior? She still was sleeping with a guy in her condo in AK right before she went back with Levi. I don't understand why you all give this girl a free pass that she doesn't deserve all because her mother was a has been who couldn't even finish her job as governor. She does one thing in public and lives another in private. People continue to give these losers their hard earned money. I don't get it. There are many young women out there that are good examples. Megan McCain (I don't agree with her politics) or Chelsa Clinton both fine young women that have done the right thing in life who should be great examples. No people want to make celebraties out of losers like the Palins who really haven't earned the respect.


I can't believe how self righteous and heartless you people are. You are trying to treat her just like you treat her mother. She is just a young lady. I wonder if you guys could talk to a teenager that got pregnant in person like that. Shame on all of you! She is a person that made a mistake lots of girls make. And whats wrong with getting paid? If any of us could draw a crowd I don't think we would turn down the money. God Bless her and her family.


Did anyone look at that picture? I don't believer there are many single mom's that dress up in suits and wear false eyelashes to give their kids a bath, do you? That picture is phoney baloney.


Yeah, and giving your baby a bath in the sink is very hygenic!!! People I do not understand how can smart people pay dumb people to hear about their dumbness!!!
I wish Aericans would just see this family for the money vultures that they are!!!!!


I have nothing against Bristol Palin but I can't understand how someone that got pregnant in high school is helping others in the same situation. Bristol Palin had to have had some problems at home, something just wasn't right in her life. This is the blind leading the blind. I have two daughters that were both very popular in high school, they dated the football team, soccer team and debating team and were homecoming queens and they still came out of high school as virgins. No, I don't have my head in the sand, it's true. Popularity and brains are still the best weapons against teen pregnancy.


I would feel horrible if I were her kid. When I got older I would want to know "mommy, why did you go on a world-wide crusade to preach against having me?" Sheesh. Give it a rest.


I am so sick of people making this girl out to be a great role model for our kids today. I was a teen mom at 16. I was from a single parent home. Did I give up? NO! I had my child, finished high school, had a full time job, and went to college. And now have a master’s degree in education. I educate teens today in the classroom of the issues they are facing and how to make good choices.
We need to show our kids today that if you work hard enough you can still accomplish your goals. We need to inform the teens of today about the risks and consequences. Not glamorize it!
If you want a PUBLIC SPEAKER, WHO HAS BEEN THROUGH IT ALL, GOOD AND BAD. Email me! I don't need to prepare I speak from the heart, the truth!!


Ambassador for teen pregnancy says it all! LOL


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