Bristol Palin: I Take Care of My Kid!

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"All the women who are independent / Throw your hands up at me / All the honeys who're makin' money / Throw your hands up at me." - Destiny's Child

Think teen baby mama Bristol Palin has it easy as the daughter of a famous politician and the ex-fake fiancee of a successful nude Playgirl model? Not so.

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"[My parents] are there for support when I need it emotionally, but I'm on my own financially. I work an 8-to-5 job, five days a week," Palin told People.

"My parents help, but they're not at my disposal. That's a huge misconception."

So true. Poor Bristol Palin is like all other single mothers, getting herself up for tabloid cover shoots and Secret Life of the American Teenager cameos.

Bristol's mother, Sarah Palin, has earned millions since leaving office last July. But not a lot of that money is apparently going to buy diapers for Tripp.

"I'm doing it by myself," Bristol says. "I live by myself."

"I'm working to provide for [my son]. Financially, it's very difficult. I'd say the majority of any check I ever receive is going to Tripp. Child care is very expensive, formula is expensive, diapers are expensive – you don't think about that as a kid, at all."

You don't think about that when you're having unprotected sex with Levi Johnston apparently, either. Just saying ... does she really want credit for dealing with the consequences of her own actions and not being spoiled by her rich mom?

You have kids, your life becomes all about them - wow, stop the presses!

At least she and Levi are getting along better lately.


Are you kidding me? Get off her ass press! Shes not making a statement to try to get credit, she is simply stating just because she lives in a rich family, doesn't mean that life is simple for her. The liberal press is so counter-productive, they critique her for being a single mother who lives with a wealthy family, and now they are saying she is trying to take more credit. No wonder nothing gets done in this country.


Now, if I could just remember where I stashed the world's smallest violin, I'd play her an IDGAF tune. Cry us a river Bristol, being a parent, single or married, is the hardest job in the world. Welcome to adulthood, grow the frigg(!) up. You had unprotected sex, you got knocked up, deal.


DUH!!!!! Having a baby is a hard job, yeah it is. Now this is reality. But she seems to be handling it very well and in a very grown up manner. Good for her. She seems to have her priorities in order and knows the most important thing in her life, she holds every day and kisses goodnight when she tucks him into bed. I applaud that standing up, she's a wonderful role model.


Bristol Palin is beautiful, intelligent, proud, and strong. Great role model for young ladies everywhere.


@for_real_tho: wanna know why bristol is such a hypocrite? Because she said this ON THE RED CARPET OF AN EVENT IN NEW YORK CITY.
How dare she compare herself to other, actual hard-working single mothers, such as my aunt?? She has a world of fame and privilege unparalleled by anyone in her situation. she has to shut the eff up and go be a mother.


So, congrats, Bristol: you don't have a nanny and are not living off your parents. That makes you like thousands of other girls in the world. The only difference? You have a rich, supportive family and you make tons off tabloid covers and TV appearances. If you actually wish to be a role model, stop whining, stop seeking press for everything you do and just take care of your child.


when did she say she was the only teen mom that took care of her baby?? or that she wasn't planning on taking care of her baby, when she had it? Oh...she didn't you just thought she may have thought this?? about spinning, you just made it up.....her point in saying these things is because of assholes (like yourself) that think she has a nanny and is living off of her parents, idiot like you that hate her because of her mother's politics....liberal hypocrites, like yourself that say these things in order to influence other people's opinion of her, based on your lies...


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Teenagers need to prevent pregnancy to begin with -- this isn't ideal. But I'm fortunate to have a supportive family, which is dealing with this together.

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Tripp is so perfectly precious; we love him with all our hearts. I can't imagine life without him now.

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