Bristol Palin PSA: I Can Get Pregnant, But Not You!

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Bristol Palin has released a new anti-teen pregnancy PSA.

That alone is the height of hypocrisy, but her profound message takes it to a new level. According to Bristol, you're not privileged as she, so you can't get away with it.

"What if I didn't come from a famous family?" she asks in the PSA for the Candie's Foundation, which bears the name of skimpy clothing line for teenage girls.

"What if I didn't have all their support? What if I didn't have all these opportunities? Believe me, it wouldn't be pretty," Bristol Palin adds before delivering the clincher:

"Pause before you play."

If only she had told Levi Johnston that back in 2008, she would be much better off. Or not, seeing that she keeps milking her unwed teen mom status for fiscal gain.

MY FAMILY'S RICH! This is essentially Bristol Palin's rationale for why it's okay Levi Johnston knocked her up, and why you shouldn't follow in her naked footsteps.

Gotta love effectively preaching a double standard in a PSA. Brilliant.

The 19-year-old Palin, who last year was appointed "Teen Pregnancy Ambassador" (you cannot make this crap up) for the foundation, appears alongside son Tripp in the campaign, which officially rolls out in print and video form next month.

May is National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month after all. No word on whether Jamie Lynn Spears is also filming compelling, heartfelt PSAs like this one.

It's hard to imagine a way in which this crusade won't work. We can just see teen girls pondering Bristol's sage advice: "Hmmm, Bristol admits she's okay because she's rich and famous. But, wow, I'm not! She's right, let me refrain from sex."

Get ready to watch teen pregnancy rates plummet.


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i have to agree with for_real_tho.


Bristol spread her legs and now she spreads s$$$. We get it, totally.


I agree with B Woody...who ever wrote this article...if only your mother would have aborted!!!....Bristol is trying to spread a message, a great message of think twice before jumping into sex, and you somehow distorted her message to read, "it's o.k. for me but not you...You're message sounds like "if it's o.k. for Bristol, it's o.k. for you" how stupid is that...I'm so sick of decency being on the attack in this country, you Hollywood-ites need to know that you people do not speak for or represent the majority of America!...stop trying to destroy anyone with the courage to stand up for doing what is decent and conservative...she made a mistake , but she took responsibility for it(by raising her beautiful son) and is taking it a step forward by spreading the message! us a favor, you and all the Joy Behard's of the world please ask us these questions in person, come to mid America where the heart is, you'll find out that the coastal cities do not think for the rest of us!


Is Bristol the ambassador for teen pregnancy or an advocate? That is the question? A great Ambassador for teen pregnancy would be Malia Obama, she is at an age where she could teach and show other girls how to steer themselves through this period in their lives. A young lady that would put education, family values and just plain common sense above everything. She would be perfect as ambassador. She certainly couldn't be called an advocate.


I don't know which idiot wrote this story but do us all a favor and kill yourself now. You blatant boas against the Palins is showing more than John Kerry's facial treatments. Bristol spoke to the fact that even though she made a bad decision, she was lucky enough to have a family of means and support to help her. Not all families are like this so the reality is, it is tough as hell to be a single, teenage parent. it truly is no wonder you are writing for a hollywood gossip column online.


wow....she is a horrible person, how dare her try to get young girls to think twice about having sex...that is horrible of, right??? you people are a bunch of sick tools, picking apart something good...vainly trying to manipulate the message, picking and choosing your is really stupid and just more of the same desperate machine....admit it, you don't like her because she is a republican...very liberal of you....


So are hershey bars.


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