Billy Ray Cyrus Loves His Sexy Daughter

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It's one thing to have the support of your parents.

It's another thing to have the support of your parents when you're grinding with a stripper pole and then with a group of caged guys in a music video.

First, Billy Ray Cyrus assesed his daughter's controversial pole dance at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards by simply saying Miley "loves entertaining people."

Now, he apparently sees no problem with Miley prancing around in a provocative outfit and sexing it up with a bunch of guys in her video for "Can't Be Tamed."

"My dad loves it," the former Disney star told MTV News of the video. "[He] was thinking I was a little crazy while I was writing it because when you're hearing 'feathers coming out of your hands,' [you think] 'oh wow, looks crazy!'

"[But] they were so proud of the treatment that I came up for it."

Fan reaction to the video has been mixed. Some are happy to see Miley embracing a provocative, mature side; others believe she's setting a bad example for her young fan base.

It's no shock that Billy Ray is on Miley's side, though. This is the same father that let his nine-year old daughter walk the red carpet in THIS OUTFIT.

Miley Wants Peace
Out for a Walk

That's gross


he likes his own daughter. eww


Provocative does not mean maturity at all. She may be maturing physically, but not mentally or in the heart.


Horrors! 17 year olds aren't supposed to be sexual. They're supposed to be sweet, submissive, innocent little virgins at all times! Shame on Billy Ray Cyrus for allowing his almost-adult daughter to express her sexuality! A good parent tolerates no sexuality in their teenagers and makes sure that their teen daughter is brainwashed into thinking that her sexuality is dirty and unacceptable!


i cant believe she would do sumthing like that! there are 12 year old girlz that look up 2 her even younger! and she is up there singing "we can make some magic,cuz im wrong like that" and pole dancing! miley!t there r other wayz 2 prove that you r growing mean HELLO!!!and what kind of father promotes that behavior!?!? the nude pix were bad enough! and now this! i dnt care if she thinks its cool to look like linsay lohan, but itz totally not!! and when the kid starts drinking and haangig out in strip clubs i guess thats okay 2 isnt it billy?!?!


Everyone was trying to find dirt on her and couldnt. Now that the video is out there everyone has something bad to say. She is 17 and she is Hannah she is Miley. The song is great and gives a good message if you really sit back and listen to it. I saw the video and if your not paying attention you dont really see her dancing on the pole. To me she was braking free from the cage. And the dacing with guys in the cage there were girls in the cage with her. I have two girls and if they were 17 I would let them do a video like this with no problem. Miley is growing up and if you dont like it then dont listen to it.


u are not sexy at aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll


i have to agree with ali...y would billy ray disapprove of this he uses her new music vid for his own pornographic needs..shes probably going to end up having a shit load of sex tapes and become lindsay lohan or paris hilton and end up in jail or in rehab for sex addiction


4real 4real i NVER liked her but i would never think she would act like this like 4real y do gurls have to show tht they r growing up in a provocative way she could have showed she was growing up with all her clothes on and without jumping all over guys she is acting like a real WHORE but GUESS WHAT we cant do nothing about it unless we know miley cyrus YES HER DAD SHOULD BEAT HER ASS BUT HE AINT SO IT IS WAT IT IS he dont see he dauther acting like a slut whocares CUZ NOW she a whore slut wateva u call it but her ass is getting paid like fucking crazy so who gives a shit i dont now anymore


não sei ne, mais acho que se o pai dela gostou dessa versão é porque teve ou tem algo com a filha, isso não é mostrar ao mundo que está crescendo é mostrar ao mundo que está virando puta sem ofensa claro mais todos que tão pensando a mesma coisa têm razão.adorote

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