Billy Ray Cyrus on Miley's Pole Dance: It's All Good!

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Billy Ray Cyrus has no problem with the fact that his daughter dances around and dresses like a stripper.

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    Never mind wrong lady


    miley Cyrus is really hott


    People are dying in ridiculous wars and because a "kid" (sorry Miley) does a crouch and stands up there is outrage? People should mind their own business and get off their small minded soap boxes - how small is the world with this thinking anyway. Does it make people feel important that they can voice their judgement?


    Billy.r take care of your daughter!!


    what the hell is so malicious about a pole? seriously, it's just a pole. it's just that people have given pole dancing a negative connotation - that it's only for strippers and the like. consider that here it's just a prop! i seriously doubt that this makes her a slut or a whore or anything like that.


    Also, have any of you "haters" watched health related shows. Pole dancing is good for you, it raises your self-esteem & its good exercise. It's not like she was in a bra & panties. When i was 16, 2 years ago, I was drinking, drugs, getting caught by the cops. So I think Miley is doing quite well for a young woman in hollywood.


    Okay, first of all, imagine if you were a performer & you had to stand on a cart type thing while it is moving, you'd probably fall, hence the pole. If she would have just stood there hanging on to the pole, it would have been boring. It's called Hollywood, in order to keep yourself making money & getting acting gigs, you have to be different, & regardless you if hate or love her, your talking about her, which is what they want, it's for the entertainment. Miley's a really nice person, & she doesn't whore herself out. It's just part of the job.


    If you're referring to that picture....its far off from being "stripper" material...they're just shorts...and cowboy boots...she is supposedly kind of a country singer isn't she? and i dont tink going down the pole in a straight line with no special "stripping" moves is considered pole dancing fyi.


    Wow. You guys need to chill. It's not her fault. It's her parents' faults. They were supposed to know and take responsibility. It's like a artist painting a picture. Can you blame the picture if it gets messed up?



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