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Tiger and Elin Woods’ divorce, while not official yet, is reportedly in the works, and will be banged out hard and fast … insert obligatory Joslyn James joke here.

The golfer and his estranged wife are trying to strike agreements on custody and division of assets. Once they do, they’ll quietly and quickly file divorce papers.

This according to sources very familiar with the situation.

Not surprisingly, the important thing for both Tiger and Elin Woods, aside from equitable sharing of their kids, is keeping the terms of the divorce confidential. 

Tiger Woods has a divorce lawyer team working on this, including West Palm Beach lawyer Thomas Sasser, an expert in child custody in multiple jurisdictions.

His goals? Privacy and keeping his legal options open.

Elin and Tiger Woods’ divorce looks inevitable at this point.

One of the options is to actually file for divorce in Sweden, where Elin wants to move with the kids. Tiger would have to submit to the jurisdiction of the court.

Wherever the divorce is filed, the plan is to take whatever measures are necessary to keep the custody and property settlement agreements out of court files.

The quicker and quieter the divorce, the better.

The big issue, according to insiders, is that Tiger wants either custody or visitation, and assurance that he can go to court and enforce the deal if Elin violates it. 

Tiger wants the option to go to either a Swedish or American court to enforce whatever custody agreement is in place, should Elin Nordegren Woods break it.

As of right now, the couple has not reached agreement on any of the major issues … don’t expect a huge press release to be sent out when and if they do.