Source: Sandra Bullock Has "Master Plan" to Divorce Jesse James

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Sandra Bullock was seen sans wedding ring this week, prompting speculation that it's only a matter of time until she divorces the cheating Jesse James.

Now a friend of the couple says she has a "master plan" to end the marriage.

Jesse James, Daughter Sunny

"[The infidelity scandal has] broken her heart, and they will divorce," the source said "She is trying to pick her way through the mess and all the stress."

That stress includes not only what Michelle "Bombshell" McGee and his other mistresses inflicted upon her, but what her leaving will do to his three kids.

"They will be hurt no matter what happens. The kids are what is holding her back from filing for the divorce immediately," said the close Bullock source.

With Jesse in rehab, Sandra is trying to tread lightly.

"Sandra is doing this on her own timeline and refuses to budge or give in to people who say she should divorce him immediately," the source explained.

"[Jesse James' kids] are her family. She is not ready to scrap it as fast as possible. They will talk, but a divorce will happen. She has a master plan."

Bullock has reportedly come to grips with who James really is.

"Sandra got to be with a side of Jesse James that he rarely gave to anyone else and now she's seeing what everyone else always saw," the pal said.

"They were truly from different worlds. Jesse lived a double life. She's so level-headed and grounded, that is what is getting her through this."

Here's hoping she gets through it sooner rather than later.

What do you think Sandra Bullock should do?


Marry a nazi and you get nazi problems. She knew what she was getting so don't cry now babe. Just pray he did not give you HIV.


Doesn't "Master Plan" smack of Hilter


Just goes to show what kind of person she is. If he would have only thought of the kids first since they are his and not hers... Help the kids Sandra and get out, you do have his other Ex wife on your side. She will help with the kids and you keeping in touch. Those kids need to get out of there also.


Join the Group on Facebook.."We support Sandra Bullock"


its crazy to think that rehab will help him thats just a way of tring to keep you. he's a man.if you had cheated what would he had done. its all B.S. YOU ARE A STRONG BEAUTFUL PERSON THIS IS NOTHING FOR YOU TO HANDLE I DID AND KNOW YOU CAN. I LOVE ME AND IAM HAPPY YOU WILL BE TO so SMILE dont let it get you down .your better than that.the table will turn.he is a whore who needs a whore and who wonts a life like that.


stand up smile its not the end of the world just a start of a new you. it will get better .you will find a better man keep yourself happy no matter what.


I've lived this! Sandra, you can't save the world! Save yourself, it gets down to that. Do it now, fast or it can destroy you.

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