Jesse James' Kids: With Sandra Bullock!

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Sandra Bullock and Jesse James may be estranged, but there are still kids to think about, and new reports surfacing this morning say they are living with Sandra.

All three of James' children - Chandler and Jesse, Jr. (via his first wife Karla) and Sunny (from his second marriage to porn star Janine Lindemulder) are with her.

Indications are that Sandra is not living at her Hollywood Hills home, which has become celebrity gossip central for more than a week. So where's she hiding out?

It's unclear, but she's made only one brief public comment since James' cheating scandal erupted, and that was to deny co-starring in any Jesse James sex tape.

Jesse James, Daughter Sunny

Jesse James and daughter Sunny. [Photo:]

In mid-March, reports surfaced that James had been carrying on an affair with Michelle McGee. Other women soon came forward to claim he had sex with them too.

Despite moving vans, divorce papers and James' overall jackassery, the couple has yet to officially or unofficially separate. In fact, might this signal a turning point?

A source very familiar with the situation tells TMZ that "It's a positive sign about Sandra's relationship with Jesse." The source would not elaborate on why that is.

Does this make you rethink whether Sandra will leave Jesse - or should? Will she stick it out for the family? Tell us what you think she should do:


These sunglasses rock. I want to buy them and sport them as good as she did. They must be cobfmrtaole and of good quality or she wouldn't be wearing them. Guchi sunglasses are hot.


am glad that she and her children are out of the paparazzis eyes for awhile..and to jesse?what a STUPID,VERY STUPID guy..!!why do they have to prioritize their NEEDS first?!when they can't even cover it clean??loOk what he has done to hi family..if he still know the word..


It amazes me how people can give advice when they go off of hearsay. EVERYONE makes mistakes and if you love someone rather than giving up and throwing in the towel at the drop of the first gossip you try to work it out. I love Sandra, but she also has made mistakes. Jesse is human just like the rest of us and nobody has any idea what is true and what is not. people can change and do. All the people who says she should leave him obviously are perfect and have had no heartache in their lives. Some things make relationships stronger and more people than not need to mind their own business and keep opinions to themselves.


moving van *


the guy she visited when she first came out of her house wasn't he related to real estates or something ? The movie van and boxes were probably the kids stuff for the 'new' house but i don't see when Sandra could have met them aren't those bloodsucker of paparazzi 24/7 in front of her house ? Plus Lopez and her staff went to see her again recently so this whole thing is confusing . But whatever , i just hope she'll still leave that jerk of Jesse James :/

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