Reports: Elin Woods to Start Over in Sweden

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Updating previous reports, Tiger Woods’ wife Elin supposedly wants to return to live in her native Sweden, according to sources close to the situation.

Elin is currently in that country with the couple’s two young kids. Tiger said he spent time with family after the Masters, but he's certainly not there.

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While he lives the single life in Florida and resumes his golf career, Elin is making plans for a life after she divorces Tiger, a source told Radar Online.

“Divorce is openly discussed,” the source said.

"And a deal will be worked out."

It looks like time may be running out on this marriage.

Tiger and Elin’s marriage took a turn for the worst in recent months after the embattled couple seemed to get closer when Tiger came out of sex rehab.

While no Tiger Woods divorce papers have been filed yet, they barely talk to each other and live separately, although they have been extremely civil.

If Elin does wish to move back to Sweden, however, that is sure to concern the world's #1 golfer, who does not want his son and daughter so far away.

The issue has not become a problem yet but is now looming over the divorce situation as she keeps building what looks like a new, independent life.

Elin Woods and the children are currently on vacation in Sweden and she has begun extensive renovations on the home she recently purchased there.

What should Elin Woods do?


question for lee Says:
April 27th, 2010 12:57 PM Hi Lee: So do you believe in what the e-news said about Elin Nordegren's plan to leave Wodos with a large divorce settlement ? Or you think all these e-news about Elin is BS and Elin's real plan is still up in the air ? The answer to question is No I do not believe any these e-news but who knows any thing can happen. I am giving my opinion that Tiger Woods will not give up and Rachel.U might win the post if they do divorce To give an honset opinion Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren should agree on compromise(an agreement reached by each side making concessions)


Carmen is a men-hater... Carmen is a horrible men-hater....Carmen is a notorious men-hater who blogs negatively on men... Pls see a psychologist... BTW it is Tiger and Elin's marriage...and Tiger and Elin's divorce... BTW how do you know that Tiger had really paid millions to the other women ? Did Tiger tell you so ? If Tiger earned a lot, did it mean you are jealous and have a bad feeling to rich men ? It looks to me you are that... Carmen needs a psychologist ....


Tiger Woods paid millions to his mistresses for sex and to keep them silent. Tiger earned millions from sponsors and fans using Elin and the children to project an image of a decent family man while living a sordid life in private. Tiger betrayed and humiliated his family in front of the world and caused irreparable damage to the marriage. Tiger’s reckless and selfish behavior has caused Elin and the children enough pain and suffering to scar them for the rest of their life. It is more than fair that Tiger secures Elin and the children’s future financially because they have earned it, already.


Hi Lee: So do you believe in what the e-news said about Elin Nordegren's plan to leave Wodos with a large divorce settlement ? Or you think all these e-news about Elin is BS and Elin's real plan is still up in the air ?


My Message Elin Nordegren Tiger Wood is not a fool if you expect to get $500-$600 million and the children from this divorce if this e-news is true its going to be a long battle in court and by the way the are lots girls waiting to take you place.Rachel.U will be happiest person to hearing about this divorce.


Hi Jeep: Do you really believe in the tabloid word-by-word as what some e-news said that Elin is 4 months pregnant ? Her recent paparazzi jpeg in e-news showed her to be very slim...Besides, she is always seen carrying Charlie as if there is no fear to hurting the pregnancy..In short, it is hard to get convinced that she is pregrant... BTW is Tiger that productive ? If the baby was 4 months, it meant the inception was made in Dec when the couple was still quarrying after Tiger admitted his transgressions.


carmen please! take another line will you. There's no Elin without tiger. She has big feet, very masculine and doesn't speak english that well. His children are american. there's no normality for mixed race children in Sweden. And who says that elin wants privacy. Many think she's eating up this fifteen minutes of fame because she certainly didn't get any attention being in Tiger's shadow. nor adoration from her unsuccessful career as a model. Besides, she's pregnant again. Maybe that's one of the reasons why she's in sweden.


leave that ni gg


I wish they could work it out. And maybe with the time away from each other and Elin building a life with just she and her kids, it might take some growing on both their parts but it would be great if they could eventually reconcile. I always remember that line from a Lorretta Lynn song, "Women like you are a dime a dozen, you can buy 'em anywhere". Surely, Tiger would rather have Elin than those dime a dozen things that messed his life up.


I would not be surprised if Elin Nordegren, eventually, decides to live in Sweden with the children. After all, Sweden is Elin’s country and it is there where they have the love and support of family and friends. Tiger has caused too much pain and suffering to his wife and children and they need time to recover and live a more normal life again. I think that in Sweden Elin and the children can achieve a sense of normality and get privacy from the frenzy media that have hounded them relentlessly for several months. I wish Elin and her precious children all the best!

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