Tiger Woods: Swingin' Single!

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While Elin Nordegren is away, Tiger Woods will play ... sort of.

It remains to be seen what becomes of the golfer's marriage, but he and his estranged spouse certainly appear to be living separate lives right now.

While Elin took the kids to Sweden on a vacation sans Tiger, the star attended a Nickelback concert and partied backstage surrounded by security.

Earlier that night, he and friends dined together in a restaurant, believed to be his first public outing since the sex scandal that broke last November.

Partying like a rock star? Maybe. Maybe not. But the wife and kids were clearly nowhere in sight, and all indications are that Elin is so over Tiger.

Is Elin Woods preparing to leave Tiger for good?

Tiger’s venture back into the Orlando nightlife was described as tame as he enjoyed himself with a group, was seen by many and didn’t demand any favors.

No cocktail waitresses were seen ... well, except if they were serving drinks.

While this isn't being called an official separation, the couple has already been separated for some time. Elin is planning to spend time in Sweden visiting friends and family while considering what she wants to do about her marriage.

By the time Elin returns, they will have spent only three nights in the same city in a month, as the trip is her fourth without Tiger in the last three weeks.

Tiger is due to play a tournament at Quail Hollow near Charlotte, N.C. No word yet on whether he'll be teeing off for the first time as an official bachelor.

Elin Woods should ...


Pass the white meat, please.


can we please leave this alone now, yes he made a mistake, how much longer does this need to be dragged out for!!!
One thing I know about marriages is that there is two sides, we will never know what happened behind their closed doors(i.e before Tiger Wood crashed his car or if Elin attacked Tiger Wood.


Tiger's got a pussy in his tank, don't let him jive you!


This Steve person that made that comment is you typical no talent person that should drink haterade because of his no talented self has to berate Tiger what Tiger did was between him and his wife.Why he strayed its seams that there was a problem in the bedroom. But thats not my business or anyone else. There are more pressing issuses that we should take care of than how many women Tiger bagged.I would guess that the guy STEVE IS NOT LUCKING IN THE WOMEN DEPT.


There is likely no way that Tiger and his wife will stay together and I believe they will both be better of apart. The trust is gone and with all the publicity who knows who else will come out of the woodwork (telling truth or lies) about Tiger. None of us really know anything about Tigers and Elin personal life maybe they were actually NOT happy. Let her get on with her life and let Tiger get on with his. I am quite sure that Elin will leave this marriage with a whole lot more money than she brought into it. I am wondering though who paid for the $2,ooo,ooo.oo house she bought in Sweden and all the holiday's she is taking?Anyway I do hope they go their separate ways and maybe then we can watch Tiger golf without having his every word and action taped.


Elin has made the right decision. Hopefully, her divorce attorney
will kill him financially. He is a no class jerk who doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same breath with Bobby Jones, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Phil Mickelson. This egomaniac listened to his equally classless father tell him how great he was. Earl Woods compared the national joke to great historical figures. I think Tiger will do us all a favor when he crawls back under the rock he came from.


I'm not TMZ or national Enquirer. Elin never gave Tiger woods chance. Quit golf and why is she even flying all the way there . On whose expense. Dude she is using his money. The lifestyle is all by him. She is saying to quit golf. What source of income will full fill planes, boats and etc. Yes he cheated and don't tell me any women in America haven't cheated on their men. They are not saint. What elin should do is not divorce. Stick in the marriage on the contract and take the money after 10 years in it if she wants to leave. It will be a crazy battle. If elin was smart, weight it out and be there till 10 years in it. Move on or forgive


Carmen: How pathetic ! I saw you postd the same note in US Magazine, which meant regardless of what e-news about Tiger and Elin, you posted the same message... which meant you didn't need to read the content of a specific e-news but just gave same old same old comment to the e-news on Tiger and Elin... Pls also save your bad language as well.. Bad language is indeed bad for a woman !


With Elin out of the way, Tiger can play golf, win millions, and pound as many bitches as he wants. Fantastic lifestyle! And Elin is no loss - she was always just into Tiger for the $$$$ just like any gold digging slut.


To the poster that does not like my messages: F-o-c-k Y-o-u!!!!

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