Rachel Uchitel Got $10 Million From Tiger Woods

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Looks like reports that Rachel Uchitel received a seven-figure confidentiality settlement from Tiger Woods were only partially true. She received that and more.

The first of many Tiger Woods mistresses to be exposed, and the one with the most dirt on the golfer, was rumored to have received $1-5 million to hush up.

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But sources now say Tiger was so concerned with the depth and detail of information from Rachel Uchitel that they "folded like a cheap suit" right off the bat.

Therefore, they made an initial offer of $10 million in return for an ironclad confidentiality agreement before she could expose any details that could ruin him.

The actual settlement could fluctuate $1 million either way, depending on future circumstances, but the baseline for Rachel to keep quiet is eight figures. Wow.

Rachel Uchitel: The world's richest adulterer.

Compared to his other alleged mistresses, the sum is even more staggering. Some allegedly received hundred thousand dollars, and others got nothing at all.

Heck, all Mindy Lawton got was a chicken wrap from Subway, according to an interview she gave about the dirty cheapskate who was nearly busted nailing her.

Anyway, it speaks volumes about what Rachel knows.

There were reports Woods was in love with Uchitel, whose affair with the golfer triggered the fight with Elin Woods after Thanksgiving that exposed everything.

Speaking of Elin, if she plug on her marriage to Tiger, the backdrop of Rachel's enormous settlement might bolster whatever prenup the couple has in place.

For instance, if there's a prenup in which Elin Woods gets $5-10 million, given what he just paid his chief mistress, she would likely walk away with twice that.


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How does one become a shank?


Do you believe in every word of the tabloid ? I recalled tons of e-news in Feb citing they saw Elin accompanied Tiger back to Orlando from sex rehab on Feb 6...ha ha..guess what it was confirmed by Tiger he was back to Orlando from sex rehab on Feb 13.. Hence, God knows whether there is any settlement; or whether it is 1 M$ or 10 M$... Perhaps these e-news are not pumped up by tabloid for publicity juice, but our interesting attorney Gloria doing string-pulling at the background so that people viewed her as an attorney who can nail down rich men for huge settlement and hence more whores knock on her door for business ! I always view e-news with a grain of salt ! I tend to just read and not to easily believe... trying to assume tabloid may bluff or things may indeed be true... Hence, I feel it far more reasonable (at least to me in terms of proabability I guess) to assume 1/3 of the e-news are true, 1/3 are exaggerated or bluffed up and 1/3 are false or totally fabricated...


Tiger is a skank! Can't believe how many girls call these women skanks, when he's the biggest skank of all! He's not just a skank like they may be, but he's the married one AND he's stupid enough to pay for sex! Surprise surprise that the medical world says the female brain is more advanced than the male counterpart!


Pls send notes/emails/complaint requests to de-bar Gloria Attred from law practice... Being a lawyer doesn't mean she can go around to use the threatening tool of settlement to call off a press conference to release info of one's personal matters... PS: I read from internet that a few years ago, Gloria also got herself into lots of complaints of de-bar of how she handled certain cases...


Why do these men even get married? Wear condoms or snip snip and never worry about getting the women pregnant. When will men ever learn!! Shows who are the stupid sex...




Who says talk is cheap??


Do we think that Tiger has some EQ to see the horrible danger of this Rachel OR he is so crazy with her that he saw nothing ? I guess the best present to Tiger is a pair of spectacles because it appears he doesn't know how to see JJ and Rachel as whores of whores while his "graceful" wife is suffering the consequences of his bad behaviour


This Uchitel woman loves media attention and she only has maintained a low profile because of the money she received from Tiger. I think she may have signed non disclosure documents that are tied up to the payment. But every now and then, she finds a way to make it to the media trying to project a picture of respectability, attempting to repair her w.h.o.r.e. image. Some people think and I read this somewhere, that she is waiting in the background for Tiger and Elin's marriage to be finally over so she can get back in the scene with Tiger, because she is very greedy and wants access to Tiger's money very badly. I also read that Gloria Allred may have used Jostlyn James to accelerate the divorce of Tiger and Elin for the benefit of Rachel. As you can see there is great incentive ($$$$) and interest here for these shameless, immoral women. Time will tell.

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