Tiger Woods is a Dirty Cheapskate, Mistresses Say

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Real, concocted or somewhere in between, information about Tiger Woods' affairs has been trickling out for months ever since his sordid double life was exposed.

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    well this is my staff i wish all those ladies was mine i was going to give them the best sex they need some would even think of quitting to be the porn stars


    The Tiger girlfriends were no more sleazy than the MASTERS of sleaze himself Mr. Tiger.


    i think this is great.
    oh my how the mighty have fallen.
    you can try to discredit these women all you want, but why would they lie now?
    what they did and the sex and crazyness has NOTHING to due with if they are lying or not.


    why don't these tramp shut their stupid mouths already, if they think people are going to feel sorry for them they better think again, TRAMPS


    Come on people...all these woman linked to Tiger are escorts there business is based on discrection because without it they have no client base. They probably are the only women that can keep there mouths shut because there being compensated to do so and i think the proof of that is how this came to light, he did it for years until his wife found names and numbers in his phone. Tiger is not cheap he paid big money for there companionship, what is it with these type of women they think there entitled to every dime a guy has they are true whores in every sense of the word


    Uh..The girls were whores..You don't take whores to dinner..They were lucky they got a cheese sandwich..

    My favorite is a source named Robin Hood..Please..VF is a sleazy as the sluts Tiger boned..They are just trying for their fifteen minutes..Now back to sleeping with married men sluts..


    Thanks THG: Any Tiger story will do as long as it's not about that jilted joslyn reject. P.S. Someone should have told him that the adage: "Go get'em Tiger" did not mean for him to get some "sexual healing" from all these different women after he chose to settle down and get married. One thing that Tiger should really pay attention to is the fact that these bare naked ladies have no problem talking about their(alledged)experiences with him, while his wife has remained a lady and has said nothing. Case in point: In the words of longtime married actor Paul Newman, why go out for Hamburgers when you have Steak at home!!!


    Tiger hit that second one? Wow, guy either had really low standards or the most raging libido in the history of human civilization.


    you no clothing bitch gets so ideas and buy under wears and clothings unlike people get some

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