Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson: Rejected!

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The Michael Jackson estate is being hit with many creditors claims, some valid, many preposterous. One of the ones fitting squarely into the latter category?

Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson, a 25-year-old man who says he's the biological son of the late singer. He's totally not. But hey, why let that stop you ...

To his credit, he's not asking for money. The only thing Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson sought was a DNA test proving he's Michael's flesh and blood.

But to his chagrin, Howard Weitzman, lawyer for the estate, formally rejected a large number of claims on Monday, including the effort from P.M.M.J.J.

More rejections are coming, TMZ reports, so stay tuned.

Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson Picture

This kid is cute. Just not Michael Jackson's.

This puts to rest a long-running dispute over one of Michael's supposed love children. As for Omer Bhatti, some say he is Michael's son ... or his kids' father.

Who the frick knows.

In any case, the "official" Prince Michaels - M.J. Jr., 12, and Blanket, 7, were raised by MJ and are now with his mom Katherine, along with his daughter Paris.


I have a question that probably everyone has asked....why didnt these people (his alleged kids) come out with all this when he was alive? Thats what i want to know if they r his kids then how is he gay and i believe that he is his son i mean why if he wasnt would he want nuthing but to let the truth be told lets think about this? and i for one dont care if his "real" kids are REALLY his or not but he bleached his skin and im sorry his DNA is african american so why are his kids not regardless of micheals color when he died he was black there for his kids would be too regardless of bleach or disease (which ever one it was) but i agree damn leave tha man alone let him rest in peace ...and shut tha fuck up and stop talking down and trying to get money (if thats what ur doing) everyone is talking major bs now that he is gone and TRYING to r.i.p.


all of u are fuck heads! stop lying or claiming mj kid even if yu try u wont succeed!!


He kinda does favor Michael by the eyes,eyebrows and skin color.


michael jackson, the greatest person on earth is gone. just, put a stop to all the comments of others. his gone don't you understand. let MJ rest in peace for heavens sakes. His with GOD. i LOVED HIM DEARLY AND HIS IN MY HEART FOR ITERNITY, GREAT MUSIC mj. NO. 1


yo si creo que eres el hijo de jacko y siempre lo creere


DNA, tatter totter, tomato tamato. I firmly believe that he is MJJ real son, and I know he is the real son. I have the evidence that he is the real son. He has been existing in the shadows of this family dynasty, and it is not right. Omar Bhatti is not the real son at all. Malachi is getting scrutinized, and emotionally drained by this nonsense. I GUESS the family do not want another child popping out of the woodworks , but there you go. There is going to be 2 though, and people might not believe this: Jackson 5 is going to be reborn through his children. Prince,Blanket,Paris,Vienna and Malachi. . .


does it really matter if michael is gay or not? and if those wonderful kids are really from his sperm. that is his privite life.we should only want to know his music and career god leave the man alone and let him live.this man has gone through enough in his life time and more.we all got wonderful music and concerts and love we all should be happy with that.other stars dont tell all.why should he.god next you will want to know his privite parts.ha ha.makes me mad that people cant stay out opf peoples privite life,unless the person wants to tell.


Yupe, money rules with all these people and poor Michael is no there to defend himself. Why don't they just leave him alone and let him rest in peace.


kelly; thousand oaks, ca. fly there.


hey belly he/she what ever u r you sound just like a HOOD RAT!!your grammer is so BAD along with your 6 year old could do better. the word (WHERE)is the correct word, not(wear)


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