Omer Bhatti to Michael Jackson's Kids: I Am Your Father!

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Remember Omer Bhatti? Michael Jackson's former protege and alleged secret son, is treating Blanket, the late pop icon's youngest son, as if he were his own.

Bhatti has been living with the Jackson family and telling poor little Blanket, along with his siblings Prince and Paris, that he's their father, according to reports.

Michael Jackson Jr. Birth Certificate

The 25-year-old Norwegian rapper, who is rumored to be Michael’s son, first showed up on the Jackson scene in 1996. There's no doubt he and MJ were close.

But you have to admit, it's pretty weird that Omer Bhatti tells Jackson’s children, “Call me Michael” introduces himself as Michael and is changing his name.

“Omar has even told the children he's changed his name from Omar Jamal Bhatti to Omar Michael Bhatti,” a source close to the dysfunctional family reveals.

At various times Bhatti has told Blanket, Paris and Prince that he is their father, that their father sent him to take care of him and that he is "a real Jackson."

Omer Bhatti holds a picture of Michael Jackson. They must be related!

The chaotic environment of the L.A. compound where MJ’s children live with their grandma, Katherine Jackson, and others has been in the news a lot lately.

California’s Department of Children and Family Services visited several times recently and has an open investigation into a stun gun incident involving Blanket.

As for Bhatti, he's lived there for some time: “He has infiltrated the Jackson family in a way that many find to be disturbing and detrimental to the children.”

He dresses identical to Michael, who seemed to revel in the confusion and controversy Omer generated. Michael even told some people that Omar was his son.

Joe Jackson says he is as well. Still, detractors say that since Michael died, Bhatti has latched on to the family and is manipulating Michael’s kids constantly.

“Prince has been particularly vulnerable to Omar and his claims,” the family source said. “He’s starting to believe Omar’s claims that Michael is his father.”

Long lost love child? Or random dude exploiting Michael’s traumatized children? Either way, he's living off the Jacksons’ money! Sweet deal!


Your comments seem to be biassed to say the least. As if you have a personal/business interest and disguise it as a random columnist. Your questions are led and lean towards the negative. You obviously arent a fan of the Jacksons using words like "weird","disfunctional","chaos"to describe their family. How is your family different besides the money,fame,public scrutiny. If it is his son which is a wonderful possibility, or a re-incarnation or channel spirit, you would find something negative to say about that. You dont like or support the Legacy of Michael Jackson so you cringe at the idea of him having a Talented Son such as Omer Obee "Michael" Bhatti to carry on his Legacy with Dignity and Style and Pazzazz ! I love it and he was never a secret..People just were too busy to pay ATTENTION. He's everywhere Michael is since and in family videos and photos and vacations and introductions to heads of state and he is amazing to be so Loyal to the family and not exploit MJJ and only after his death and the blessing of the Honorable Joseph"Joe"Jackson does he move forward with & other projects to promote himself and his MISSION. Get positive and stop hating on this positive person who showed MJJ MORE RESPECT than all of his so called friends,"some"family, and business associates.


kno i didnt mean i was his son but im like his son in i was dancing when i was 8 in birthaday august 14 born 2000 in i l


i think im mj child bcus i was dancing when i was 8 in i hade back stage pass in mj in peoplevsaid i looked like him in mj said im a lil like his son in i kno his little son

Masarat khan

Omer bhatti is michael jacksons.son u can see it look adouble to his father. as a jacksons family.say omer bhatti has full right as the same as the other kids so jacksons stop hideing omer behind close doors. as hes one diamond in a millon like father like son.u cant change that all my full support gos out to omer hope him.good luck for.the.future


ichael Jackson is not Omer’s biological father.He just treat Omer like his own son.Read Michael’s last will and testament.It said that he have no other son/daughter beside Prince,Paris and Blanket.People just mistaken MJ’s relationship to Omer.Omer looks like Michael but it doesn’t mean that he is his son.We all know that Michael wants to have his own child(before Prince,Paris,and Blanket came) so why he didn’t tell the whole world that Omer is his son?If he really is his son,MJ would tell us that.
PS.Sorry for my grammar.


dont know if omer isM.J.'s son but if he is,let us fans embrace him ! If NOT,lets just remember that MICHAEL LOVED HIM& treated him as one.( ? W W M.J. DO?)


and everytime in an interview thet ask omer about that and he doesn't wanna talk about it and what if we were in his place i bet we wouldn't want anybody to talk about us saying he's not michael son and he's just there for the money and dont even kniw the full truth about him and he was there before any of the children 1992 and he visits his mom and his family and friends nod just prince, paris and blanket even when michael was here he still visited his mom and friends Thank u!


um actually if michael said he was his son then who are you to judge .... u wasn't with them at the time so who are u to say what's right and what's wrong before u even really get to know that person i mean anything is possible and everything happens for a reason and the family seems to love him look at genevieve claiming it and what do u have to say about brandon howard who they trying to say is michael's son thank you and michael said he wanted to have more children than his dad remember 1984 omer was born and thats when michael went to parties and messed with women


hi my name is Almaz Andarge. I Love him *Michael Jackson* forever!my wish is to michael family and childrn good lief, long age.i know he missing to everone.Mlchael. **m** like star all the world ....!forever.please God give to michael heaven set by angel my prayer.i miss you..!


He looks like Joseph... -"Woman, this is your son".
"This is your mother."

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