Kim Kardashian Makes Like a "Modern Day Barbie"

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In October 2009, Kim Kardashian dressed up like Barbie for a strange photo shoot with Kurv.

It was an unusual sight, and not just because the reality star's breasts were mostly covered up.

Now, Kim has made like the world's most famous plastic doll again, referring to her new Famous Cupcakes campaign as her "modern day Barbie look" in a recent blog entry.

Apparently, Barbie has dyed her hair in 2010, now dons a low-cut top and does everything she can to seduce the camera with the licking of her finger...

A Dancing Barbie

Meanwhile, did you hear that Kim leaked her own sex tape? It's true. Just ask Ray J's mother.

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What is the point of Kim doing these photo shoots? All she does is post them on twitter its not like she is Giselle Bundchen who is paid millions to advertise million dollar brands i just dont get why she has these pointless photo shoots?


I don't care what people say - she will NEVER live down that sex tape! NEVER!!! She has done NOTHING worth mentioning to try and salvage her bad reputation. She is self-centered, self absorbed and just an obnixious beast! All she does is snap pictures of herself, post them, then ask her teeny booping fans how good she looks. Reggie Bush is a smart man to drop this trash bag! She can't sing, can't act, has absoutely NO talent. I just don't get what the big hype is about her....I'm glad I never contributed to her wealth, she can't fool me - only the young stupid girls who think she is fab. So laughable


How is she pretty?? You can't see her face with all that makeup she constantly wears. Personally, I think she looks like a grasshopper or an alien. Her eyes are slanty and her face so long.


This girl is really pretty.....too bad animals have better behavior.


Kim can't get a decent boyfriend because she is Ray J'S Piss bucket. What respectable man wants to date a girl that has been pissed all over & swallowed dick on camera? You can still see her filthy sex tape on the net who wants to explain to their kids one day theres mommy sucking Ray J?


Let's face it, this girl is beautiful. However, I wish she would stop dating athletes and hip hop singers - find a real man.