Kim Kardashian: Kurved, Barbie-Like

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Incredibly, as previously reported, there's a magzaine titled Kurv in Australia.

They might as well call this publication Kim Kardashian Weekly, as her body type and alliterative name makes her pretty much the only model suited for Kurv photo spreads.

In its most recent issue, Kurv celebrates the 50th anniversary of Barbie by dressing Kim up as the iconic doll, just begging witty celebrity gossip sites to toss out possible doll types the socialite represents.

Is she Sex Tape Barbie? Large Breasted Barbie? Attention-Starved Barbie? Bikini Body Barbie?

There are as many possibilities as there are ways for the Kardashians to milk every ounce of publicity out of their talentless lives.

Come up with your own Kim-inspired Barbie name, send it in and then click on Kurv photos of this socliate below. They're all very weird.

Kurv Kover Girl
A Dancing Barbie
Kim Kardashian as Barbie
Weird Pic

Blonde does not suit her, looks better as a brunette


Seriously with all the KIM haters out there!!!! Back offffff that woman is so beautiful no matter what she is wearing. I think she is a great roll model for girls out there im so tired of seeing all these girls on TV that look like lolly pops, so thin and disgusting. Kim has hot curves and is gorgeous and more girls should look up to her because she is 100% REAL. Love you Kim keep it up:)


She doesn't look like barbie.. at all!


this has def been photoshopped, i didnt think her face was so narrow! like i said before, i dont really like these pcitures!


she look fake, dull and really bad in these pictures anyways!


AHHHH.... not another Kardashian story!!!!!!!!


i have no clue why she's is so many magazines it's not like she's promoting any movies or music or pretty much anything


I think Kim looks great. I never would have thought she could pull off such a high fashion shoot. The blonde hair works for this but I definately don't think it'd be a good everyday look for her. I hated her hair when she died it lighter recently, it made her skin tone look so dull. I love this though!


she looks pretty good


I don't think she looks good as a Barbie... She looks better as a brunette. Although her earlier dyed hair looked nice too!


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