Ray J's Mother Blames Kim Kardashian for Sex Tape Release

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Sonja Bates-Norwood, the mother of Ray J and Brandy, has two messages for America:

  1. Get over the sex tape her son made with Kim Kardashian.
  2. Put the blame for its release squarely on the giant breasts shoulders of Kim.

The Norwood family appeared this week on The Wendy Williams Show in order to promote their new VH1 reality series (yes, there's now a program based around the exploits of one guy famous for penetrating Kim Kardashian on video; and one woman famous for her fatal car crash) - and Sonja was asked about the only reason anyone has ever heard of her son.

She first told the country to move on from the tape, and then said: "With all the hoopla with it being Ray J and people trying to blame him, did you see him on the cover of Playgirl? Did you see him in the centerfold of Playgirl?"

Translation: Kim has posed for Playboy and has seen her career take off since the video went online. You connect the dots, people.

Brandy and Ray J proceeded to sign autographs for fans outside talk show studio. Which raises the question: Brandy and Ray J have fans?!?

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Kim is nothing but a freakin whore and sex maniac....and to prove it shes still married and shes already have kanye get in to her Pukeeeee.shes trashy bad image for women....She is enjoying her life right cuz of the money shes makin but I guarantee u shes gonna be a very lonely woman when she get older cuz shes a Slut I cant stand her...did she ever go to Church.

@ Kia

Please be advised that Ray Jay mother released the tape and is upset that he did not get famous off of it. He will always be Brandi little brother she is a momager as well


To the person who wrote this..i may be late , but its never too late to correct someone . Brandy is a grammy award winning artist . Shes known for way more than her fatal car crash . Asshole


Up to now can't find a nice explanation for ray j n kim sex tape,all of em r crazy,wonder if kim iz not a whore,she waz gud though!


Kim is the nicest girl. I can't believe you are blaming her. Obviously this person ocosted Kim illegally. Now they both are online sex offenders that need to be registered with the Police due to all the underage people that watch it. this man is a piece of trash, and no, he will never amount to anything, with no respect for anyone, or the law. He needs plenty of jail time, and to come forward with the real truth behind how it was given to someone else. Plus should have to remove it offline. Thanks a lot you piece of crap for hurting someone I really admire. You will get yours someday.


It takes two like i said kim and ray expose hollywood alot of high price paid hoes in the game you nameit home wreckers cougers hollywood aint no different for the ladys in the hood so ray and kim neither one of them are wrong thats game thats the life oh ya also clean up women watch them they come in packs


all i have to say is
1. dont hate the player hate the game...yea she may have leaked her own sex tape...but hey she makin money M.O.E. so i aint mad at her
2. ray-j i wanna say has been "slightly" famous never like brandy...so he cant sit here and act like that tape aint help him out cause what have you seen or heard he's done since his lil reality show of finding "the one" please give me a break
3. for all you people sayin she's fake and had all this surgery and what not....take your silly behinds to google and look at some childhood pics...she was gorgeous then just as she is now personally i feel like all of you are just ray-j groupies that wanna fuck him yourself....stop hatin!!!!


@ ashlee and miss.diva: i was thnkin &sayin d same thng. Jealous of wat i am not rich bt i'm ok, besides y wud any1 b jealous ovr a sex tape. Ray j did all d work at 1 point i wondring "him doe tired(isn't he tired?)?" all she did was lie there it jus shwd dat she's lousy n bed and classless. She got it n d ass and anthr time wen he was on top she tk it out and pt it in her mouth then got peed on, lol. D only ting she did was gve hm head, nothing wow. And i shud b jealous of dat? I mean she's makin yea, bt at wat cost? In today's world we've been justifying d wrong 4 right, jus cuz she makin money doe mean she's any gud;our moral standards av fallen. I bet a lot of grlz who wanna make it like her wudnt mind doin a sex tape and bang half hollywood half music industry-such a shame.


Wait - Brandy isn't famous? How old are you?


People r just pissed because Ray J is black!! I say fuck them all...bag as many as fast as you can!!!


I honestly think most of you that commented are hypocrites! None of us know Kim or RayJ personally, So shut your mouth calling either of them whores. Take a trip around the world people. They're are millions of people who did what they did. Who continue to do what they did. And your all judging them because WHAT? Half of you hate Kim and think she's worthless and has no reason for fame, so WHY DO YOU CARE SO MUCH ABOUT HER SEXTAPE!? And RayJ's mom shouldn't blame anyone. It take's TWO to do the naughty. Kim didn't make the tape herself. I understand mother's want their kids to always be the innocent ones. But get over it MOMMY DEAREST! None of us know the truth. So everybody should STOP judging and making rude comments unless you know the actual truth.

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