Jon Gosselin Drops Custody Lawsuit, Seeks Truce with Kate Gosselin

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According to new reports, Jon Gosselin will drop his pending legal case against Kate Gosselin for custody of their children and increased spousal support. Really.

Even more shockingly, the two seem to be getting along.

Sources connected to the situation also note that Jon never really believed Kate was an "absentee mom," as his now-fired lawyer alleged earlier this month.

Anthony F. List levied that charge and many legal threats against Kate while she was on Dancing with the Stars ... Jon later claimed List was not his lawyer.

Last week, List quoted Jon as calling Kate a shameless self-promoter who should be supporting her kids and not herself. That's when he got the public ax.

BURYING THE HATCHET: Did hell really freeze over?

Regardless of who's representing Jon, which not even he seems to fully grasp, he and Kate are trying to hash out a custody and child support agreement.

A new one, and one that is more up to date than the one that is currently in place. Because Kate Gosselin is making serious money and Jon isn't, face it.

Also, he's actually shown more of an interest in being with the kids than he did during divorce proceedings, so it's a different situation now than before.

Will Kate let Jon appear on the revamped Kate Plus 8, or spin-off show, Twist of Kate? Hey, never say never ... when a douchebag is desperate for cash.




WAY TO GO KATE!! we miss you and the kids!!! dont let jon anywhere near you. we're sick of that loser


I think it's funny Jon dropped the custody hearing. Probably due to his new girlfriend Ellen Ross who can't handle 8 children. All's the girl does is sleep around with men/women.. maybe a dog here and there. I should know, we went to school together.


Good Lord, Kate looks like she's 50 years old. That hair is awful times 10. She always has that beaten down and haggard look on her face lately. Her makeup is horrible too. What the heck?


Looking forward to Kates 2 new shows as long as Jon is not part of the show. He's had his chance and he blew it, let him go get a regular job. Kate just keeps getting more popular.


Romeo spent a lot of time womanizing,and Now that Kate has divorced him, and kick him to the curb,he is left with Nothing other than his a$$ and 2 hands to scratch it with.Of course,it serves him better financially to slow way down,humble himself and get back into Kate's good graces.I do Not see Kate as being a member of the Fool of the Month Club,and letting him weasel his way back into a TV show that was offered to Kate and the children.
His arrogance shut down the show. Kate and the children have survived,in spite of his bad boy behavior.


jon is out...he has burnt the bridge so many times...thankfully, kate has the kids in mind & keeps things amicable; but, as far as packing away the hatchet...kate will never let her guard down around that piece of trash...and she shouldn't


TLC is not going to "let" Jon on Kate's new shows. They have stated this in no uncertain terms.

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