Jon Gosselin Fires, Denounces Own Attorney

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Bringing back fond memories of last summer, when he couldn't decide whether or not Michael Lohan represented him or which mediocre girl he was dating, Jon Gosselin denounced comments recently made by ... his own lawyer.

Jon says has fired his new attorney, in fact, a week ago.

Which explains the inflammatory statements he made about Kate Gosselin being a shameless self-promoter just hours ago. Jon runs a tight ship.

Earlier this month, Anthony F. List terming Kate an "absentee parent" and filed legal papers seeking full custody of their eight kids on Jon's behalf.

"Kate, her attorneys and I are moving forward to work out things privately and amicably," Jon Tweeted today. Who knows what he'll say tomorrow.

Tooling Around

Jon Gosselin needs to get his $h!t together. And get a job.

"Mr. Anthony List Sr., Esq., is not my representing attorney; I terminated him on April 15. He has no legal right to speak to the press on my behalf."

Maybe you should tell him that, dumbass.

List had said he was a longtime friend of Jon's late father, Tom, and promised the elder Gosselin that he would help out Jon if the need ever arose.

Looks like that "help" entailed frivolous, mostly baseless legal maneuvers attempting to wrest money and/or control of the kids from Kate Gosselin.

As Hailey Glassman can attest, this idiot clearly needs to take advice from someone he can actually trust, and/or make decisions himself for once.


not to defend jon BUT they were seetpaard. a legal separation in the eyes of the law, is just that a separation, so it was technically cheating thats the only part that i think jon gets a lot of slack for.other than that, i like when they call him a dirtbag and all that stuff