Confirmed: Adam Lambert as American Idol Mentor

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In late February, it was reported that Adam Lambert would perform on American Idol.

Now, we can confirm that the former runner-up won't just sing "Whattaya Want From Me” on the April 14 results-show telecast - he'll serve as a mentor to the finalists on the night before!

No word yet on what theme the contestants will tackle during the special visit, but this much is certain: if anyone can spice up this lackluster group of singers, it's Adam Lambert.

Pretty Boy

Lambert will be the first former Idol to act as a mentor less than a year after he left the show.

Many will believe he's too inexperienced for the gig... but Miley Cyrus took on the same role a couple weeks ago and she's younger than every current contestant except Katie Stevens and Aaron Kelly.

Do you think he should be a mentor?

While you ponder that question, click on the photos below, all of which are courtesy of Adam's recent trip to London:

Adam in London
Getting Very Hairy
Lambert Photograph



adam is totally awsome beyond words i luv his vocals but i'm also havin a hiuge teenage crush on him:P if only i could have a chance to attend one of his concerts nd i would die a happy woman!!


yeh...oye.oye..I'm sure many people in this world were watching Al on next week...i'm so excited...good luck 4 your career n Your LIFE,Adam Lambert....i wiil pray so that you will get a truth indication in your life from god...


maybe he can encourage the group to move around a little bit. they are all like scared statues at a high school talent show. looking forward to watching/gawking at him.. this will be the most face time we've ever gotten w him behind scenes!


Adam will definitely liven up this show for a couple of days. Great. Can't wait. Excited to see him on AI again.


Can't WAIT for Idol next week! LOL it's been almost a year since I felt like that. While Kelly, Carrie, Daughtry would also make great mentors, Adam has a lot to offer just coming off the show while it's all fresh in his mind, plus being part of the newer era of Idol where "making the song your own" and "artistry" are just as important as the vocal. Altho LOL you'd never know it from this season. I'm not sure what exactly he could say to most of this crop (there are a couple good ones) to help, but whatevs, I'm just happy he's gonna be on my TV twice next week!




Although I'm kind of bitter that more experienced alums like Kelly, Carrie, Chris Daughtry etc wasn't approached 1st, I think that Adam is a huge improvement from Miley Cyrus. But I doubt even he can save season 9.


SOMEBODY needs to turn this season around, it SUCKS!!! I don't even know if Lambert can save AI9!!!! I honestly think he is a talented performer, and I think he can give them ideas to think about that comes into play when on stage ie, he always focused on all aspects of performing, from the lights and special effects to the costumes not just the vocals being top notch! SO maybe they can benefit and improve from that. who knows, I know I will be tuning back in, to check it out.


Adam on Idol = all is right with the world.


Oh God, I'm so excited about Adam mentoring, and performing. TWO DAYS OF GORGEOUS ADAM! It's not enough, but I will take it. He did look gorgeous in Scotland with his Glamkilt. Oh God can you imagine if he wears his Mardi Gras outfit from Australia. Maybe not, I don't want him to get into trouble. He can save that for when he comes back to Michigan


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