Adam Lambert Bonus Track: What Do You Think?

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Are you sitting down, Adam Lambert fans? Have we got news for you!

The singer may be performing for crowds in Europe as we type this, but his gift to them is also now available in the States: Lambert has included a bonus track on the U.K. version of his debut album.

It's titled "Can't Let You Go" and it's great. Listen below and then sound off on the single...

What do you think of it?


@ Jimmy T, so you are Okay with Don't ask don't tell shoved on main strem Gay American population?


Wow! what a voice and presentation, he makes you feel the pain and sadness of a heartbreak, who can sing like the way he sings this song? Just when I thought I have heard the best of Adam and then I hear this song, I am speechless, no words can express how I am feeling after hearing him sing this song, He is out of this world, no human can do this.


I agree with Melly and Kiki. There are lots of singers out there who need all those extra instruments, but Adam is NOT one of them. Please-leave out the noise and let's hear his voice.


Jimmy T, no offense taken, except for the use of the word fag. It's derogatory and I don't think anyone should use it, as it's meant to hurt. I don't think you would like anyone calling you that. I love Adam Lambert's voice and everything about him. He is very fortunate that he grew up in a loving home. I am lucky to be going to see him on June 22nd. My daughter and her husband will be accompanying me and I know it is going to be one great show!!!
I wish you all the best in life and hope that you open your mind.


@Jimmy T
I am not gay first of all, but as a man I believe that everyone has a right to reveal his personal life. However in the case of Mr Lambert, I think the media and the public were pushing him to say something and I think he did the right thing by talking openly about it otherwise the media frenzy would have bombarded his personal life like crazy. I think what the gay community is not understanding about Mr Lambert is that he is an individual and he represents himself/his image. He is not there to promote your gay rights or to be the poster boy for your movement. He is in the spot light to sing and promote his music. And I personally respect him for what he is doing right now, the music I believe speaks for itself so no need to discuss about all in all, I think Mr Lambert is a well rounded Artist and he seems very nice and he is very articulate. I think you need to listen to what he has to say about his personal life before passing unnecessary judgements.


Horrible! Ridiculous screaming from a screaming fag, and I'm gay so I can say that. I totally hate this guy and everything he stands for in the public arena. He reinforces every stereotype of gay man that the straight world abhors and has set back the acceptance of the gay population in the real world by decades by literally shoving his sexuality in the face of mainstream America.


oops mixed post, but wanted to say I LOVE THIS SONG!! you can feel the emotion in it...wowowowowow!!


YOU GO BOY!!!!! A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.
David Brinkley


I love this song. I'll love it more once I see Adam perform it live. He does more justice to any song if he performs it live.


I feel differently from some of the posts. Who cares if the instrumentals are a bit overdone. First of all, it will probably sound better when it isn't copied from something else. Also, it is Adam's voice that is amazing beyond belief and the lyrics are so touching. Various sources are saying that this is about a lost love that he had and that he was on his knees while singing it. So much emotion! Adam never lets us down and gives us his all. No one can compare to this man! He is perfection!

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