Tiger Woods: Advised By Presidents Clinton, Obama

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U.S. Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton have both been offering Tiger Woods encouragement while he's in rehab for sex addiction (and/or drug addiction).

Tiger has spoken with Obama and Clinton, Golf Digest's Jaime Diaz says. One would think both have more important things to do, but hey, that's great.

Diaz also confirms Woods visited the Gentle Path clinic in Mississippi.

Woods came in with a "whatever it takes" mentality, including on "Disclosure Day," whereby patients reveal all of their past indiscretions to their spouse.

So Elin heard about all Tiger Woods' mistresses. Hope they ordered in breakfast, lunch and dinner, 'cause that therapy session couldn't have been brief.

Diaz also confirms that Elin Nordegren visited Woods at the clinic, and that the couple and their children spent Christmas together in Southern California.

Woods' mother is quoted in the article, and is described as "staunchly supportive of her son," despite the damage his sex scandal has caused their family.

Some other sites have made note of Tida Woods' past interviews with Diaz and speculate that she could be the source of many of his piece's revelations.

But the most surprising item in the Golf Digest article is the news about Woods' contact with two presidents. Clinton? Sure, dude's pretty much been there.

But President Obama also making a personal call to offer encouragement? Really, Barack? What do you have to offer, and why does he deserve your help?

As for his return to golf, which remains up in the air after Woods' apology speech, his mother says only following: "He will face himself, solve the problem."

"When he comes back, he will still love to play and love to win. I think more than ever, because his closet will be cleaned out and his mind will be free. And I know he will break [Jack Nicklaus' record 18 major championships]," she says.

That's one thing we wouldn't bet against.

Don't you guys have nations to lead and/or rebuild?


It is amazing for me to see that Obama and Clinton are calling Tiger.
First of all, the President should be taking care of more important things. Clinton is a joke, the guilty helping the guilty? On what, how to better hide your wrong doings?
also, the President made a bet to the Canadian leader for a case of beer depending on which team won the hockey game? this man is suppose to be running our country....what a joke...


Barak needs more help than Tiger. He probably thinks the association will be good for his polls. If I were Tiger, I would throw out a disclaimer.


Bill the role model Clinton called and gave him an at a boy and referred him to several free porn sites!


He called to tell him it wasn't his fault-it was George Bushes fault and there's a tax credit waiting for him for sex counseling!


Do you believe in this story ? There is so much fabrication in whatever things appearing in internet these days !


So Obama calls the GROWN MAN WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER, Tiger, BUT condemns the 19 year old Chris Brown for DEFENDING HIMSELF FROM AN ATTACKER WHO FORCED HIM OUT OF HIS EXPENSIVE AUTOMOBILE???? AN ABUSER ABUSES MANY TIMES, CHRIS FOUGHT BACK ONLY ONCE, ONCE, AFTER TAKING ABUSE FOR MORE THAN A YEAR. That is sick that he called Tiger the Cheetah and the USER of so many girls FOR YEARS. Not only that, Obama's crazy brother got in the act against the 19 year old BOY chris brown and started comparing him to their crazed abusive alcoholic african father who regularly beat his mother to a pulp FOR YEARS!!!


why don't these two men call mrs woods and offer HER support? after all, she is the wronged party here! tiger brought this on himself, and in doing so, he laid his trash at his wife and childrens door! why comfort him? seems to me, he has 14, 18 or so women to offer him solace!

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