Soulja Boy Starts, Wins Twitter Beef with Chris Brown

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For whatever reason, Chris Brown and social media seem to breed hostility. Dude peaced out of Twitter last year after accusing Wal Mart of blackballing him.

He's since returned, but not without another minor flare-up. For some reason, he and Soulja Boy exchanged misspelled, sub-140 character barbs this week.

Boasting two-plus million followers, Soulja Boy wrote: "#ListenBitch add @ChrisBrown & @BowWow followers together u still aint half way f**kin wit me lol"


Not one to let a little friendly competition slide without taking the gloves off and trying to kick some a$$, Chris Brown replied "@souljaboytellem yall funny… lol."

But then he continued:

Chris Brizzown

Random Twitter feuds are the best.

"@souljaboytellem and @bowwow what yall make in a show i make for an hour at an afterparty… jus sayin." Wait, who dragged poor Bow Wow into this?!

Soulja Boy then retaliated (and included Bow Wow once again) seemingly getting the last words: "#ListenBitch if my last tweet offended you then I won."

The Tweeting gauntlet was then thrown down: "lol @bowwow there you go. f**k bank accounts. f**k followers. let's see who new album sell the most 1st week."

That sound you hear is of IT BEING ON.

Soulja Boy has a new album out in July called The DeAndre Way, while Bow Wow has not yet set a release date for his latest effort. And as for Chris Brown?

He's begging fans to stay relevant. That says a lot.

Whose side are you on here?


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why y"all nigga hatin on bow,ist cuz u ddnt made it ontha age he got in tha game.u keep talkin bt we dont see u,tha dude s fckn rich and u wnt get wre he is,so wy tym wastin...fck off


Well We All Know Who Won That By Now. Chris Brown's Album was #1 For 6 weeks. But None Of them Got Sh*t On Adele Her Album Was #1 For The Longest TIME!!


the deandre way sold 13000 copies ahaha yeahhh reap what ya sow boy but id let tha both of them eat me out thats it


ther both immature nd idiots buh i still like cb


i hate rihanna she ugly bitch, i love chris brown is great man


well at least Soulja ain't begging, though the both a dem are Queens


Soulja Boy's beats are fye.
Chris Brown's voice is awesome. Soulja Boy's lyrics make you wonder who let this nigga in the game.
Chris Brown beat Rihanna and now he beggin for his fans back like a lil bxtch. Where the hell Bow Wow come from? PPl still listen to his ass? So, over all, I'd have to go with Chris Brown cuz at least he HAS talent.


souja boy sucks


soulja boy sucks. at least chris brown has some good songs...


I love seeing people post stuff that dont research anything first. Go look at the comments on the twitter pages of Souja, Chris and Bowwow they were playing. Is this news? NO Dumb asses