Chris Brown Says Stores "Blackballing" New Album, Throws Temper Tantrum on Twitter

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Chris Brown, in the midst of a major comeback effort after spending most of 2009 dealing with the fallout from his assault on Rihanna, just released Graffiti.

You'd think this (and his 20/20 interview) would be the first major step toward closing the book on the grisly incident, but Brown says it's still haunting him.

He isn't happy with the distribution of his new album, and threw a temper tantrum on Twitter over the weekend regarding retailers refusing to carry the CD.

"Major stores blackballing my CD. Not stockin the shelves, lying to customers. What the f%*k do i gotta do," the singer said. "The industry can kiss my a$$."

Okay then.

Chris Brown Live in Concert

Chris Brown is telling us how he really feels.

Lest we believe he was kidding or just caught up in the moment: "WTF... yeah i said it and i aint retracting sh!t and im not biting my tongue about sh!t else." 

And finally, this message to the haters in the Twitterverse: "for those people who r constantly tweeting me wit bullsh!t.. hop off my ****.. ur life is pointless.

Despite his complaints, Brown's album was expected to sell about 100,000 copies by the time this week's Billboard chart is published, trailing only the second Glee music soundtrack and British sensation Susan Boyle's I Dreamed a Dream.

Perhaps he should go back to anger management counseling.


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what chris brown did is not good evrybody now's that. but people pls let it go. if you look in your heart you can forgive him. you will not forget it, but you can forgive him and that's a start of something new. If you see what a road he got through you'l see what a mean. nobody is perfect and evrybody makes mistakes. Give him a second chance evrybody deserves one. He started when he was 16years it's normal that he made a mistake. just lisen to his music and you will understain him cause you know if you want to know a singer you have to listen to his music. forgive and start again. love and peace!


i think chris needed to go off they keep trying 2 bring him down and it is not fair at all, all b-cause of this stupid island girl she caused all this back up off him for once he's a good artist and a good person stop trying 2 bring him down look past what happened that's noone's business but his and ri-ri's so if u liked him before this then don't try 2 bring him down know everybody who is doing that is straight up phony's anh right know i can't stand peopling who r doing that straighten up people!!!!!


let the man make a living...stores, sell his fricking music, if people do not buy it, that is their choice~~~BUT at least put the album in stores so choices can be made~~~he was wrong when he hit Rhianna, he has admitted it....she is not a saint~~~sell the man's music


Needs to shut up and go away.


Needs to shut and go away.


what a dick. even ignoring what happened between him and rhianna, that was a dumb move. way to win everyone over, chris. dumb shit.


Fah man they need to forgive and forget. I feel sorry for Chris Breezzyy man he's cool he jsy needs to watch his temper man. I miss his music and i wish all these people could jst start loving him lhyke we all used 2.Say, Vanessa Hudgens: Naked Photo's, we still forgave and mst of us have forgotten. Man and aniwaes Rihanna needs to stop being a f*&^%n little sokkie. Shut the F*** up now GOSH!!! I wish people could jst stop caring bout Rihanna and start caring about Chris Brown. How's he supposed to look after himself if his album has been Blackballed or wat eva. Thats jst sad okaee?? NOW STOP IT!!!


Like I said before. We are not ready. He is not ready. He needs to lay low for a bit. It will show patience and discipline. Two things people with anger issues have. Clearly, he hasn't dealt with either. He comes across as pompous... a pompous a hole that thinks we must like and accept him. Sorry mean dude! You can't cram yourself down MY throat! I, we, will see you when and if we want to see you. Go SOME WHERE AND DEAL!!!!!!


Perhaps he should go back to anger management counseling. HAHA love it!

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