Melissa Smith: Jesse James Texted Me ... Yesterday!

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Jesse James' mistress Melissa Smith (the second one) claims she is still in touch with Sandra Bullock's husband, and he texted her as recently as ... well, yesterday.

Although their sexual affair ended in 2008, Jesse kept in contact with the 35-year-old stripper with the arrest record, even sending her a text message Thursday!

He wasn't pleased in said text.

"Jesse sent Melissa a message yesterday and she showed it to me," says a supposed friend of Melissa Smith. "It said 'I'm angry and disappointed you'd do this."

Sandra Bullock probably feels the same way about you, Jesse!

Melissa Smith? Melissa freaking Smith?! Seriously, Jesse James??!!

The source that was shown the message by Smith says "Melissa said that Jesse was obviously referring to the fact that she has talked publicly about their affair."

"She shared his text messages with the world - that's the funny thing about him texting her when she'd already done that - you'd think he would learn his lesson!"

That is kind of funny. Also a little ironic?

"Melissa is pretty pi$$ed about the way Jesse treated her, she thinks he just used her for sex then when he got bored he threw her aside and moved on, so she thinks he's really got some nerve texting that HE'S disappointed in HER."

Hard to argue with that, especially considering he was cheating on his wife at the time, and probably on his mistress with the other mistresses he was banging. Jerk.

Friday morning, a still-unnamed woman pushed the number of alleged Jesse James mistresses to four, claiming the two were still involved when the scandal broke.


Sandra and Elin blow their mates away in every department of Life (except golf & being sleazy).


I think that skeezy, hopelessly unattractive men like this "Jesse James" and "Tiger" Woods have to get in on with women for hire because they are desperate for any form of validation!!


Please, people, don't call them a douche bag! At least a douche bag has a purpose in life.


I think that Jesse James is worse than Tiger wood.
He texts his ex lover with that stupid text.
He is such a douche bag that it's even beyond normals words.
It seems as if he was with Sandra in order to get famous...
How sad and pathetic... He used Sandy and ever other women that was in his life.


Seriouse Jesse what a dirt bag!!! Sandra could do so much better she's a hottie for sure!! You dumb a*$


These women are unbelievable. They knew he was married to begin with and NOW they want to get him in trouble? Why not rat on him when it was going on? Attention whores! What a bunch of losers... all of them! Sandra deserves better!


so? She doesn't owe him anything. I'd say he got his share's worth. If he wanted anonymity, he should have hired hiself a hooker. I'm sure there are some around with big tits and tatoos to his liking.


He is chastizing his mistress for coming forward ? HE is angry? He is disapointed in HER?? omg does the man NOT get it yet? Where is the blame, the disappointment, the anger at himsef??? hello, pot...kettle.


What a Zoo!! I have seen wild animals be able to pretend to know how to have more class than these brazen, morals of an alley cat women.


C'mon Jesse, You of all people should know that "hell hath no fury..." No bitch is going to sit around broke and/or in jail and look at you livin' large with some other woman when they have something on you.

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