Jesse James Mistress Melissa Smith: Kind of Insane

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Melissa Smith, the California stripper who emerged yesterday saying she was Jesse James' mistress for years during his marriage to Sandra Bullock, is kind of bad ass.

Just how he likes 'em!

According to reports, Melissa Smith had two serious brushes with the law in the past year ... and even served jail time for one (being a skank is not one of the crimes).

She was busted last May for beating up a police officer (!) and subsequently resisting arrest. Smith later pleaded guilty and served 20 days in jail as a result of that.

Melissa Smith Mug Shot

Do not mess with Jesse James' mistresses!

Then, just two days ago, the same day she sold the story of Jesse James nailing her, Smith pleaded "not guilty" to DUI ... although it looks like she was quite guilty.

If you believe the .18 she blew. Hammered.

As for the OG Jesse James mistress, Michelle McGee? She's pretty hard core too ... although she had her own noble, selfless reasons for getting naked with Jesse.

She did it for her kids, after all.


What a c*nt. Seriously he is such a waste of friggin space. And the b!tches he rolls with are little more than gutter rats! I feel so sorry for Sandra Bullock, what woman deserves to go through that?? I hope she hasn't picked up any nasty STIs from Vanilla gorilla fukface or his group of slags.
Sandra Bullock rocks, I hope she kicks his ar5e all the way to court and humiliates him the way he deserves.
She should keep her head held high and know that she has nothing to be ashamed of,
Love you Sandra Bullock!


And water seeks its level. Sandy must have a freak flag of her own that she flies now and then. You go girl, didn't know you had it in you.


My respect for George Clooney grows with each one of these stories that emerges. Guys, if you don't want to be faithful don't get married. It is not rocket science.


ewwwww Jesse is soo diguesting for any tattos ladies ( even ugly ladies) Look at Sandra, shes soo neat and trying to change Jesse so much. I guess Jesse refuse to chang and sex addiction alreayd. Jessie already lost my respect, sorry Jesse buz I reallllly love Sandra and sometime I wish Sandra and Keavee R get together, they looks cute!!!! I dont care how Jesses looks good and friend but behind his mind, he can be dirty!!! Im so mad right now.


Damn, she's nasty! I guess any type is his type!

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