Joslyn James: Following Tiger to The Masters!

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Tiger Woods' return to golf could get a lot dirtier.

The embattled star's former mistress, Joslyn James, said she plans to be at The Masters in Augusta, Ga., next month when Woods makes a much anticipated comeback.

His estranged wife, Elin Woods, is leaning towards not going, likely in no small part because of Woods' dalliances with James, the details of which she keeps leaking.

We doubt Joslyn being nearby will help his focus.

Although he has flown her in to be with him at events before (including right after his first child's birth) so you never know ... maybe she's a good luck charm?

Joslyn James in Action

Tiger Woods liked what he saw in Joslyn James, his porn star mistress. He also liked choking and spanking her, according to text messages she claims he sent her.

According to reports, Joslyn is currently planning on working at a gentleman's club just down the street from the Augusta National Golf Club. She is really out to rile him.

She has certainly become one of the more visible Tiger Woods mistresses, posting frequent updated on a new site, which talks all about her relationship with him.

Fortunately for Woods, Augusta National Golf Club and The Masters are well contained, with media credentials handed out months early and tickets hard to come by.

Most celebrity gossip tabloids and stalkers will have to camp out down the street, in other words, or see James strip in Atlanta, where she's also going to do a "show."

She's not even getting paid, so why is she out to smear him so badly? James deserves "an apology from Tiger because he had to gall to cheat with other women."

Cheat with women other than her, that is.


I took a look at the text messages. I want to see her text reponses! It is so typical for females to sucker guys into texting and writing all kinds of crap and then they get pissed off and out them to the world! Sorry ladies; I love ya....but what a set up by this back stabbing troll! He is a "big fat liar"?? Really? You mean to tell me this female (porn star or not) has never lied to a man in her life?? C'MON!!! I have to admit, I have seen some of her work and she does her job well. But off set....she is the typical back stabbing B-I-T-C-H!! And so is her abulance chasing so called BS attorney!


Hilarious e-news on Gloria and Joselyn... These two women invited media to join them to view Tiger's Masters press conference together and then (as expected) complained that Tiger didn't make a public apology to Joseyln... The most ridiculous part is Joselyn said she wanted to talk with Elin Nordegren and asked that Elin can contact her via Gloria... How hilarous ! Did JJ want to talk Elin into divorcing Tiger OR did JJ want to sell sextexts/sexphotos to Elin... If I were Elin, I will want to give this JJ a big slab on her face ! I wonder whether JJ knows how shameless and annoying she was ! Both JJ and Gloria are insane ! I came to the conclusion that we can't use common sense to rationalise JJ and Gloria because they are crazy !


this is exactlly a fatal attraction or maybe dollar attraction. who does she think she is? doesn't she realize that the public is not buying her s*i**. my oh my talking about being THICK SKIN.


Leave Tiger alone, he hasnt done anything more than half our congressmen who we voted in to office. He should run for office and try to get concubines for all congressmen. Ha! Ha!


This shameless slut needs to shut the hell up and get a life.


Didn't Tiger tell her they had the rest of their lives to spend together, that no one pleased him as she did, blah blah blah. I guess you could say he led her to believe she was his true love. Especially after telling her and the rest of his hos that his marriage to Elin was a "sham". Now she feels betrayed since his other mistress got a million dollars and she got nothing. It would be hilarious if she showed up at the Elin comes from a different culture. I agree she is as shy as a kitten. If it had been me or any other (American) woman, we'd have been long gone as soon as we found out the depth of his disrespect and betrayal.


I wish Elin would whup her ass.


AS IF the Masters is going to let her in! Never happen. This is a prestigious event, staid, old school. If they want to keep the riff-raff out, perhaps they should exclude Tiger.... However, alas, I will be rooting for him. But he gets too easily spooked, there is no way in hell he will win. He might not even make the cut. :)


I think that this Jostlyn woman is mentally sick and she is obsessed with Tiger Woods. This goes well beyond revenge. What she is doing is more like stalking and harassment. Could Tiger Team have legal basis to get a restraining order. The woman seems totally crazy and she could be dangerous to Tiger and his family. The media also should be held responsible for giving her so much publicity.


Joslyn is one SICK UGLY DISGUSTING WHORE!!!! Why didn't we hear HER RESPONSES to the TEXT MESSAGES!! Where is the PROOF she got pregnant with Tiger twice??!!??? Joslyn was just "dirty sex" to Tiger.

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