Report: Elin Woods Wants to Bail on The Masters

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Tiger Woods plans to return to golf at the Masters in Augusta, Ga., on April 8.

Elin Woods plans to skip that if at all possible, according to various reports.

The golfing great's scorned spouse has been weighing whether to attend the tournament, which would be a very public display of support for her husband.

That's obviously just the scenario Tiger's camp would like to see happen at the event, according to a source, who declined to say if Elin is still wearing her chastity belt of spikes, but notes that his pressure alone won't make her decision.

On the contrary, even:  "Elin does not want to go to the Masters and is preparing for a trip to see her family and friends in Sweden," an insider dished.

Will Elin Woods have Tiger's back, or turn hers on him?

"She is also being asked by Tiger to attend the Masters, even if for only half a day, to look like she is interested in supporting Tiger's return to golf."

"But really, she would rather not be there."

Instead, the source believes the intensely private Elin will continue to keep a low profile and fly a commercial airline to Sweden, where her family lives:

"Tiger's [private] plane is too 'in your face' for her now. She does not want to go to Augusta, and it is easier to be far away than home in Orlando."

While things appeared to be going well for the couple, committed to living together and rebuilding his image, things took a bad turn at some point.

We're guessing it was around the time when Joslyn James unleashed a slew of Tiger Woods text messages upon the world. Angry, filthy sexts, too.


Please, oh please bail on the Master's Elin! You have so much more dignity than to succumb to being Tiger's fall girl. Imagine how the world would view this unfortunate series of events if you slept with 12, 14 or 64 men..... how would the press and/or Tiger be dealing with this? While I know you have two lovely children, they shouldn't be the sole reason you should stay with your current husband, the slut that he is. Sorry, but I'm calling it as I see it. You have many options Elin and I, and many millions of persons around the world want to see you well, and continuing to be a great mother. A great father is something that Tiger will have to read in literature, as he didn't have a role model as a son, nor did he step up when he had the chance. Strike 14, your out Tiger.... go Elin!


I mean BS story I ever heard. Maybe, someone should check the emotional stability of this lawyer, she might be due to mental check up or old age disease! Disgusting!


That teacher is a big BS story i even hears. pathetic lawyer!


Question to Alyssa: How to stop Gloria Allred's actions from damaging Tiger's reputation ? This notorious lawyer came up with another client, Tiger's kindergarden teacher, and held a press conference of teacher's story plus teacher showing photos of Tiger's kindergarden days and teacher commenting on Tiger's mistresses story... Interesting, how come a kindergarden teacher commented on someone's sex scandal when she herself was not the sex scandal women ??? I just felt sick whenever I heard what Gloria Allred did...


Come to think about it... I think Tiger's problem is he is TOO rich, TOO famous and he doesn't know how to protect himself... There are men who cheat but they are careful in choosing women with no consequences... I also sense there are many people who are jealous of Tiger so rich, and so they stamp on Tiger once he falls ... Dealing with such horrible attorney like Gloria A. is no fun because she is trying to squeeze Tiger's pocket to blood...


To ALLYSA: Regarding your point of "anything that has no proof will remain to be a gossip. Any gossip will always have a room for doubts ", interesting point ! I am thinking of how it can be applied for ythe recent e-news of TW's kindergarden teacher holding a press with Gloria Allred saying TW's story of his 5 year old first day of school "...being bullied by 6th grade...told teacher but she didn't do much about it.." ANOTHER GLORIA ALLRED's client of press conference and asking for a public apology from TW ...If following your thought of anything having no proof will remain a gossip, do you think Tiger needs to clarify this or give them $$ to stop them talking OR Tiger will just keep silent with no response... It looks like Gloria's strategy is to make the most fuss hurting Tiger's reputation so that he will comply


Hi Alyssa: Any thoughts as to why you think Tiger hasn't spoken up to clarify the whores stories ? Or at least Tiger to do something eg legal action for malicuous blasphemy ? Or is it Tiger's strategy to stop whores speaking is hush money... It is unbelievable even if he can stand JJ or Minden's stories, he knew Elin won't stand these stories... A lot of people criticised Tiger's approach to tabloid/kiss-and-tell whore stories of remaining silence is stupid because letting others fill-in-the-blanks for his sex scandal ended up this horrible march of whores for publicity... Just wonder whether Tiger will do anything to stop the whores in his Apr 5 press conference ...


Yeah ELin, do not let them keep opening their mouth. You are the only one MRs Tiger WOods and the mother of his kids. We wish you the best and do not be carried with these publicity. Its like a chess game, lots of them served as pawns but maybe only one they wanted to win the second Mrs. Tiger Woods who is maybe the first one to run and go after Tiger if you divorce him and no other than uchitel. Do not let them win ELin, they are just wanting to destroy your family to get the money!
THINK OF THIS ELIN, IF YOU ARE GOING TO DIVORCE TIGER, WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR KIDS TO BE VISITING THEIR DAD WITH STEP MOMS LIKE THESE? EWWWW! NO WAY! so DO not let them ELin, you are the wife and we love to see you and Tiger grow old together! God bless you. I would be happy if another e-news is true that you are pregnant! God be with you and Tiger and kids


To Elin Woods: Why do you have to bail out avoiding the hustle generated by these whores ? You are the legal wife... Where you decide to stay or out of the marriage, you are the one who are entitled as legal wife to stay your nose up high regardless of the bashing tabloid nor annoying whores... These whores are taking advantage of the fact that both Tiger and Elin had not fought back to say anything, so that is why they are bashing more and more stuff for their remaining minutes of fame... Be brave, strong and firm ! Elin, you are not the mistress, they stole your husband because they know Tiger is married, so they are the guilty ones NOT you...


How sarcastic ! The legal wife Elin avoided not going to support Tiger in his first tournament but the alleged mistress JJ was blahhing she planned to go to Masters.... I guess when Elin opted to divovce, Rachel will be the first to jump in hoping to be Tiger's #1 woman or future wife... If I were Elin, I will give these whores my "color" that Tiger is absolutely her and only her man... Elin: don't lose to these whores...they are all revengeful for things that they can't get

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