Report: Tiger Woods Marked Birth of First Child with Joslyn James Sex Romp

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Tiger Woods celebrated the arrival of his first child, daughter Sam Alexis, by secretly meeting up with Joslyn James, according to new reports from ... James.

Woods flew Joslyn to the first tournament he played after wife Elin Woods gave birth back on June 18, 2007. Tiger announced then that he was taking time off.

However, that same week, the golf legend had his best pal and business manager Bryon Bell coordinate a secret rendezvous with Joslyn James! Classy move.

Tiger paid for Joslyn James to fly from Seattle to Washington D.C, to meet on the same weekend that he played in the AT&T National in Bethesda, Maryland.

Joslyn James (Veronica Daniels)

Maybe Joslyn just flew in to help with his swing mechanics?

Elin Woods did not attend the tournament. Convenient. At a press conference there, Tiger Woods said: "It's been fantastic to have Sam Alexis part of our life."

"It was a dream come true for Elin, myself and all of our family. We've been obviously working a little bit and a lot of late nights, but it's been a lot of fun."

We're sure those late nights were fun ... with Joslyn.

Her Tiger Woods text messages made it abundantly clear what their relationship was like ... spanking, choking, golden showers, threesomes and whatnot.

Dude was into some sick $h!t. No wonder that despite being just one of many mistresses, Elin Woods is said to be particularly upset about Joslyn James.


Bill 3/28/10 1:24 pm Ummm, that description/information is more than I need to know. What a totally degenerate society this is.


Has anyone bothered to verify that these text messages actually came from Tiger Woods cell phone. I don't believe a word that skanky bitch is saying.


What, are you kidding that Elin wants to file a divorce because she is unhappy with Tiger spending 15 hours per day to ramp up for his first tournament (US Masters) after 5 months from his previous tournametn ? She must be kidding... Bear in mind that Tiger wasn't allowed to practice any golf during his rehab period which meant 2 months totally without golf practice plus 5 months from previous sabbatical, Tiger must need to ramp up hard to be at level for something as competitive as US Masters.. Is it joking ? I think the wife should be delighted to see a husband who is focusing on his career rather than on womanising and should celebrate his gradual move to normalcy... Back to golf is a move in the right direction for Tiger and his wife is complaining/divorcing him on doing something in right direction...


its not the ending I wanted to see. I hope this is not true. She took time to divorce after the many whores and why this time with Tiger returning the game? Its not what we want to hear. I hope this is not true! God give them wisdom what to do. God shower them love, humility, unity, understanding, peace and JOy!


I hope Elin will support Tiger going back to golf. Its really important that they she be the woman behind Tiger's victory. If she saw that Tiger is sincere why give up just because these women keep bombarding you with negative e news breaking the rules of prostitution.
These women indeed have broken the rules... I mean all rules, the they have jobs to break marriages, filthy jobs that is not morally acceptable and on the side of prostitution, whore business blah blah? They also break the code there! Whores are not supposed to kiss and tell! If they been doing that eversince? man! that business should have been dead now! And no man should have been frequenting those night clubs etc. These women really step down so low to be called human!


PLEASE TO FRIENDS OF ELIN: PLEASE TELL HER NOT TO DIVORCE TIGER! IF i AM ELIN, I WILL BE IN GREAT ANGER OVER THESE WOMEN. I WILL REMAIN TO BE MRS. TIGER WOODS AND NOT LET THEM DESTROY MY MARRIAGE. Its not good to have bad women win, Elin should not give up just because Tiger is coming back to play golf, its his job and not some threat to marriage. Its her part to support her, we know Elin you are hurt but these women are playing with your heart and they know you are weak now and they frequently bomabard you with e news so thay they will have a big chance to get the father of your children and you husband. DO NOT LEET THEM ELIN! FIGHT FOR YOUR MAN!!!


I'm glad this a-hole say he is not black. We dont want his pathetic excuse for a man. Enjoy white girls. He is all yours.


Is this Joslyn woman still around spilling venom from her filthy mouth??? Well, Jostlyn, I know that you only have one cell in your brain and it is only for pervert sex, but make an effort and try to understand this: "IT IS OVER". Maybe your attorney can read this for you!!!


no she is being glorified by you, she's only a liar and a proven slut.


Joslyn James is hot as hell and I'd do her too. Most men would. Love how the female posters blast her. Jealous much? Don't fool yourselves people. Get off your moral high horse. Half of you probably like "skanks" and "dirty" sex too, bunch of damned hypocrites glorifying Tiger Woods like he's some shining beacon of morality... please.

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