Michelle McGee on Jesse James Affair: I Did it For My Kids!

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Many cynical people out there may assume that Jesse James' alleged mistress, Michelle McGee, slept with Sandra Bullock's hubby for potential money and notoriety.

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee would not argue with those people!

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Admitting she got horizontal with James with ulterior motives, McGee nevertheless says it was a somewhat altruistic move to establish "a better life for my family.”

The way she's making a better life? Raking in cash.

Think about it, it's win-win. Had she ended up with Jesse James, she'd have access to at least some money. But since the affair apparently didn't work out, she sold his a$$ out to a celebrity gossip magazine and b!tch got paid anyway! Genius!

BOMBSHELL: Hey, at least Michelle McGee's up front about why she dropped it.

According to Radar Online, which likely paid for details about McGee getting paid to talk about getting nailed by James, she's "working on more deals to make cash" too.

Stay tuned, in other words.

It appears her seduction of James was premeditated to profit for her children’s future. McGee apologized for hurting her family, expresses sadness over “hate mail” she has been receiving and goes on to reiterate that she “did it for my family.”

The irony there, aside from being guilty of deceit and adultery in the name of small children, is that what she says she did for her kids may end up costing her her kids.

McGee's ex-husband, Shane Modica, filed an emergency motion on Friday seeking full custody of their five-year-old son, Avery. No word on whether he'll succeed there.

Either way, she's already provided inspiration for others to come out of the woodwork - Melissa Smith, a stripper like McGee, says the married James nailed her as well.

How many more Jesse James mistresses will there be? Can he become the biker version of Tiger Woods? Will McGee register sextingjessejames.com? Wait and see!


is she supposed to look like a pin-up here? sadly misguided, the whole stunt a sad attempt to get her face and ugly ass all over the internet. seems to have worked unfortunately... ugly bitch.


ROTFLMAO- "I Did it For My Kids!"


While the cat is away the rat will play. Lots of claimed good girls are excited by Bad Boys. We don't know these people. They are actors/players. Neither of them are simple minded. They both saw something they wanted. It is too bad the children are the ones to suffer,again. The four mistresses did it for money and noteriety. The wife acts with class, but being top of that heap is not much.


Everyone always brings the kids into it. Can we just tell the truth for once and say "I did this/I'm against this/I whatever because of me and that's it"?


Huh! Are you kidding


It takes two,he'll get his and she will get hers...............
Most men don't realize that when someone like that is willing to have an affair with you, there is always something in it for them. And it ain't LOVE....


No wonder Jesse had two dicorve twice and wil be third.. Jesse is the worst bad influcne than his ex wife, Janice. He soon wil be bankrupt. Sandra is smart enough....


you already gave bad influcen on the kids, kids may become alike you and Jesse. Im mad at you and Jesse for hurting America's sweetheart innocent and Kids innoncent too. Now all the school will bully at the kids for you both. Your DUMB 15 fame is not worth for that, you try hurt kids, marriage, relatioship,and our fans. youre S**t... Jesse, Youre bas***d for hurting sweetheart Sandra and the kids. Youre done great job but stupid!!!!


Is this woman insane? Doing it for her kids? What a load of bullocks. She's doing it for herself. These people make me laugh how are they ever going to be taken seriously when all there known for is shagging someones husband. If he was my husband i would chop his cock off. Magazines n news papers should stop buying there story's and just let them rot. No doubt he will make a public apoligy and check into rehab for sex addiction and everything will be swell. pfftttt get him castrated sandra.


Face it - a lot of women are moths to the flame just like Bullock. Dissing the good guys and going for the bad boys.

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