Heidi Montag is, Like, a Serious Actress

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With The Hills' final season coming up this spring and summer, Heidi Montag is ready to say goodbye to reality fame and move on to bigger, better things.


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    i like to be a actress


    She cannot be serious! She has no future in movies, unless the role calls for a no-talent hack with hacked-up features.


    Please don't hire her. I won't go watch the movie.


    Heidi actually thinks she can become a credible actor? I can't get past her bland appearance since all of that surgery she had. She has no personality to her face anymore. I thought she looked darling before all this work. I don't see her standing out enough to be anything but a 2nd rate, B-movie, or porn actress now. No matter the subject, I can't get past her appearance...it's sad.


    That's the funniest thing I've heard in a loooooong time! Maybe she can be the first brain transplant recipient. They can give her Lindsay Lohan's brain after she dies. She is dying, right? At least that's the rumour! That would be an improvement over the mush-brain that she is now.


    hey don't bash barbie like that! lol
    at least barbie isn't a ditz attention seeking whore.
    the doll at least has class :)


    she is crazy nuts! This he-she-he is really out-there!. Not only does this thing not know when to give up but thinks by getting even bigger boobs we'll like it even more. I really thought that it was Spencer that was off the wall but after reading all that Heidi says is completely wrong. It looks like ron jeremy's old plastic blow up doll has come alive! People if your all thinking that it has a even the slightist chance of becoming anything other than a joke please stand up.........thought so! Go back to where you came from dear and take that loser husband with you. Your both not not even close to being "right" in your heads. he onlt talent between the two of them is sitting on Heidi's chest. And If God was really in their hearts, neither of them would be doing all this crazy crap trying to get attention. They both make my skin crawl.


    she was so cute before all those surgeries




    Okay now I really feel sad for her. She actually believes herself! Somebody please do an intervention and stop her before too much more damage is done......please?;(

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