Heidi Montag Mocks Self For Financial Reform

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You gotta give it to Heidi Montag here. Mocking her own plastic surgery addiction as part of an effort to urge Congress and consumers to enact fiscal reform? Genius.

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    The things that come out of this girl's mouth are unreal. She is out in LaLa land the way she talks. I don't think she even knows what she is saying. As for her appearance, yikes, she looks as old as me and I am 42, that is sad. Her chest looks ridiculously stupid.


    She looks so old now.


    she is a freak!!! cant believe what she has done to herself!


    lmfao she looks like joan rivers my god..


    I love it how she says Ron Howard made her feel confident in her talent, for one what fucking talent, and for two the man got you to make a video of makeing fun of yourself. She has got to be one of the dumbest people out there, this chick needs a role model!


    She looks like a train wreck and wow i just listed to a few of her songs she is the worst singer ever! She really needs to go back to living in LC's shadow because she is not doing anything important or anything worth wasting your time to watch or listen to! I can't stand her!


    holy hell she looks like a freakshow!

    what did she do to herself? her mother must cry herself to sleep at night. dear lord.
    she was a cute girl, and she just ruined herself completely. so sad.
    there's no going back at this point, her face is wrecked.

    I didn't find that thing funny at all either...i was more in a state of shock from looking at her.


    I was never was a big fan of hers but now she is ridiculous. What the hell with those b****? She should have her own reality show...

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