The Hills' Final Season to Premiere April 27

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The Hills are alive ... with a season and series finale this summer.

All we have to say is that this is a sad, sad day, for Spencer Pratt.

Just when Heidi Montag's DDD "hills" were starting to rival the size of the Hollywood area the show is named after, MTV said the forthcoming Season Six will be its last.

The new season, debuting Tuesday, April 27, begins the final chapter. "We owe it to the fans and the show to go out on a high note," says MTV president Tony DiSanto.

"This season will deliver on that goal in terms of drama, story, real emotion, and an organic culmination of this saga." Not that we're being overdramatic at all there.

Audrina, Heidi and Kristin Filming

The ladies of The Hills filming ... possibly for the last time.

Final episodes of The Hills feature Heidi Montag's plastic surgery being revealed to her mom, a scene executive producer Liz Gateley calls "touching, but heartbreaking."

The cameras will also follow the cast dealing with substance abuse: Kristin Cavallari faces rumors of drug use after partying in Miami, and Stephanie Pratt gets a DUI.

Meanwhile, Audrina Patridge will date Ashlee Simpson's reality TV ex, Ryan Cabrera. They tease the possible return of Lauren Conrad, but MTV makes no promises.

As for Spencer, who's on anger management hiatus from Hills filming to "deal with some stuff," creator Adam DiVello says "he'll still be in most of the episodes."

Phew. All 18 of you can officially exhale, reading this at home.

Are you sad The Hills is ending? Or has it run its course?


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Well Kristan isnt the so obvious one using drugs..... Spencer is a total wacko and needs to leave the meth pipe alone... Check out the size of his pupils and the anger! OMG


I'm soooooo SAD the show is ending. I know sooo many people that are very upset that the show is ending. Where I live the show is HUGE all the girls love and look forward to each episode. The hills will be missed like crazy by many people!!!!!!!!


Stop all the hatin Ladies, This group of girls is no different from all the other groups around the country, partying,backstabbing, gossiping & drama! It make for a good show!


i loved the hills untill two of my fave chars left :( Whittney Ports and Lauren Corad. :( but another good show is The city and Lauren book she wrote L.A canady and Sweet little lies :)


glad its over. Its not the same. Its all made up drama. Spencer is a DOUCHE!! Audrina is fake, kristin is a bi*@#, heidi is just plain stupid! Whoever in their right mind would even watch the garbage has same issues. All these people wanted fame and look how it turned out. Never in my right mind would i want that kind of fame!!!


Totally over it!!!! I refuse to support anything that Heidi is in now and I hope that other women do to!


I really dont want it to be the last,I love it,please keep it going.I LOVE watching them all and they are all good fun,The girls are great love there dress sence and the guys are soooo full of them selfs but are great aswell,love them all.please keep the hills, miss lauren please get her back.XX




These girls look like they've been playing dress up in their Mommy's closet! What's with the shoes!?


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