Hailey Glassman Posts Alleged Jon Gosselin Penis Photo on Twitter

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Whatever Jon Gosselin did to Hailey Glassman, it must have been really, really bad. Because most breakups don't end in penises being posted on Twitter.

Having already remarked via the social networking site that Jon has a small package, Hails took her anti-Jon crusade to a new level with today's Tweets.

We can't say for sure that the photo Hailey Glassman posted is really Jon Gosselin's penis, but THG research has concluded that two things are certain:

  1. She definitely posted a picture of someone's penis.
  2. It is not large.


Hails Tweets

In addition to the message linking to the picture allegedly of Jon's (lack of) manhood, Hailey continued her tirade against her former lover with these gems:

  • This man has Hurt,Cheated,Lied and stole from EVERYONE including HIS OWN FAMILY! He's single-handedly ruined+hurt so many women/lives
  • This is Karma. FYI don't F*ck with fire if you don't want to get Burned, and don't mess with the bull if you don't want the horns
  • Question to everyone-If you lent ur ex 200,000 due to him manipulating u and using his children to get it from u as ur soft spot
  • Promising to pay it back. Would u walk away from it and let him get away with all your money? I DON"T THINK SO twitterworld!

You know what they say: when you lend your ex $200,000 and he uses his children for your soft spot, you must Tweet up a shot of his tiny, stubby penis.

Whether that's really Jon's c*ck, only a few dozen mediocre girls can attest. But regardless, the douchebag has been sufficiently put in his place. Wow.


I know what happened in the Garden of Eden. Huge schlong, tiny pecker; it just makes sense. Anyhow, its articles such as these that are going to continue to belittle men in the makings of the worldwide gender shift in power. The way that manhood is now so casually tossed around in gossip blogs like this and even credible sources is outrageous. Did anyone ever think that Kate might be super loose cause she had eight babies pop outta there?


don't want a short short man!


hi me 5.5 inch penis


You go girl! Can't believe he borrowed $200,000 and said he needed it for his kids? How pathetic of him! He has done nothing but hurt every woman he has come in contact with and I would have posted a pic of his penis too! Whatever you need to do to move forward, he needs some more embarrasment in his life cause he is a douchbag! This new lawsuit he has launched against Kate is rediculous! Absentee mom because she is on "Dancing with the Stars, she has a freakin dance floor in her basement and Tony comes to her house to rehearse! He is just jealous he is not getting the attention and she is, except her attention is in a positive light and his has never been!!! So sorry that he hurt you and I totally agree with what you did! He's a cold hearted snake! How much is he with his kids???????




I agree with the person who mentioned the fact that if he was that tiny, why was she with him? leave jon alone!!! your a nut case , and just jealous that you sucked in bed.


I think Jon is a sex addict, he thinks he is a celebrity but in all realness is just a front page enquirer joke..Haley,I might agree, you thought you loved this philandering fool, but, once you saw his true colors, should have walked away, not stuck around to plot revenge, it makes you look assinine, and clearly "NOT OVER HIM" God Haley, your a single-no kids- 20 something rich girl, you have the world by the balls, start squeezing to enjoy baby!


She needs to GROW UP!! Where are HER PARENTS?! My mom would have called me on the phone and balled me out for embarrasing the family. She has no pride, class or intelligence.


Hailey G. needs to go back to school. Either she has no command of the language, or just can't spell or type. It was horrid trying to read her drivel. I couldn't understand your drivel...are you saying that you, Hailey, loaned him money? You are a Certified nut. What kind of future do you see for yourself, Hailey? I see none. Hey, the rest of us don't want to see Jon's ugly mug, let alone his peck-and-hunter. At least Tiger's girls appeared intelligent.


Money Talks,
The more stories that I force myself to read regarding Hailey's accusations,the more I realize how much of a dim witted lightbulb this poor old damsel in distress is.Not intending to be just a bit
"judgemental" but,if she had taken just one hour of all those wonderful times that she spent with Romeo and watched any of the twelve judge shows that come on she could have saved herself a couple hundred grand.Now, the only things she has to do is call Romeo,ask him about the loan, and when he plan on paying her back,and when he gives her the answer that she is satisfied with,take that evidence to "small claims court",you just may get $5,000.00 of your loan back,the other $195,000.00 just accept it as a write off for being able to go on TV,to rehash your story to any one that actually cares.

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