Hailey Glassman on Jon Gosselin's Penis: It's Tiny!

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Considering the shady exploitation of his children, and the flaunting of relationships so soon after separating from his wife, this seems impossible to believe.

But Hailey Glassman swears it's true: Jon Gosselin's penis is even smaller than his capacity to care about anyone but himself.

Kate Major, Jon Gosselin

In a revealing interview with Steppin Out, the 23-year old does not speak favorably about her ex-boyfriend's manhood. She says:

"He was so small I didn't think he would cheat on me... He's hung like a nine-year-old boy. I'm serious. This is true."

How tiny does Hailey claim Jon measures? "3 inches."

The only thing funnier than Hailey Glassman's statement on Jon Gosselin's penis size? Her attempt to look sexy in this photo.

Glassman and Gosselin didn't exactly part ways in an amicable fashion, of course.

They broke up in December and Hailey has many reasons to lie about the reality show dad's minute girth, considering he's moved on to Morgan Christie.

Last month, Hailey warned Morgan to run far away from her new man, telling her replacement that Jon will likely screw her in the same way he screwed Glassman: with a tiny penis, and by taking her money.


how does eddie murphy know this? is he getting fucked by so many asian men?


She looks like a skank, sex with her is probably like throwing a hot dog down a hallway


Funny a small penis well i have a small penis and been married for 35 years and my wife has never complained once about it and i'am sure if we men had a choice on penis size we would all pick a big one and if thats all Hailey is looking for in a man then she's not worth having.


Hailley Glassman is classy with a "K"...K-L-A-S-S-Y.


They're both trash, nuf said!


@karmabringer. hahahahaha oh ew. good point.


OMG I forgot the snake thing on her arm! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA TRAMP


HAHA look at this sleezeball. Hmm whoever she paid to dress her should be shot. Give that animal back his fur too. soo we have fur, pink lace (how cliche) black leather with a diamond ring. A face like a cross dressing mule and all the charm of manson. She was not complaining about his 3 inches when she was taking him from his family was she. TRAMP. Haters? honey were just trying to save you your last shred of dignity. wait.. dang too late! And Kate too BTW calling that man stubby. HE LEFT YOU CAUSE YOU WERE A BI$%H everyone stop hating on this man. He was allowed to try and find hap penis


Of course he has a small penis. HE'S ASIAN! Remember Eddie Murphy's old standup jokes? "You know who has really small d*cks? Asians! They have little small rice d*cks!" I am paraphrasing of course... LOL


By the title of the mag I thought it was for people wanting to exit the closet. You don't really think she showed up for that shoot dressed like that, do you? Of COURSE the mag provided those duds. (punny, huh?) They should have gave her a bikini that showed a hint of toe, tho.

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