Source: Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler Just Friends

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They've been seen and romantically linked together a lot lately, but multiple sources say Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler's supposed romance does not exist.

You mean this was just a rumor sparked by them being in a movie together? Shocking. The moral of the story? Don't believe every piece of celebrity gossip.

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Unless it's from THG, that is. Even if it's a report that can't be trusted but will still entertain you, we make that abundantly clear. We're not OK! with slander.

The Bounty Hunter stars supposedly went on a romantic getaway in Cabo last week to commemorate Jennifer's 41st birthday. That was true ... sans romance.

All of Jen's buddies, including Sheryl Crow and Courteney Cox Arquette, joined her. Gerard did get an invite, but it was more PR-related than love connection.

Jennifer Aniston is ready to rock Gerard Butler's world ... on screen.

"Jennifer goes to Mexico every year with her girlfriends for her birthday and this year she decided to invite Gerry along for a bit of fun, too," says an insider.

"She doesn't mind that rumors spread like wildfire. Jen likes Gerard being around, he's funny, always cracks jokes and he loves partaking in the cocktails."

"The other girls don't mind having him around at all. He's a fun, hilarious addition to their vacation. They are friends. They get along great. But that's it."

"Gerry is single and always on the prowl. He's enjoying his Hollywood bachelor lifestyle so much that even Jennifer Aniston can't get him to give it up."

As for rumors that they were kissing at the Golden Globes? "They were not making out!" a Fox snitch said. "They play around, but there is no kissing."

Too bad. They may a hot couple, don't you think?


gerard devam etsin böyle filmler çekmeye hep tv de görmek istiyoruz onuuuuu maşallah


ay gerard çok tatlı yaa


Look at the roles Pitt and Jolie are playing, those movies will be around for years the roles Aniston plays, they will be around forever too, only in the bargain bin.


Dana please. Look again. Pitt and Jolie are simply one set of very tired parents juggling family, work and other obligations. The "hotness" is gone. Instead you look at them and images of diapers, pullups, blankies, toys, car seats and strollers overshadow everything. Sure they have nannies but they have 6 children that need individual time and attention and nuturing from the most important people in their lives if they are going to grow up feeling secure and loved. Nothing wrong with that, but hot it's not.


I would love to see them together. They make a great couple!


Roflmao @ Sandys comment....Are you for real? The next Taylor and Burton? Just when you think you've read it all, bahahahahahaha....Nobody even comes close to the hotness of Pitt/Jolie! Maybe Tom Brady and Gisele, but thats a close second, imo...


Why are so many people so anxious to get her hooked up with someone? The poor girl can't walk down the street with a guy without being plastered on a magazine claiming HE's the one. Or something like that. Just let her be.


This whole romance thing is bollocks...... growup! They have a movie to promote, pretty standard for the Anniston PR machine. The next Burton and Taylor..... puleeze this is one of the funniest posts I have read on an Anniston thread in ages....more like Burt and Ernie!!!!!


jen and gerry very good couple but calm....seee what happing???


I'd like to see Jennifer and Dennis Quaid together. I think they'd make a great couple. Dennis seems smart, fun and good looking, a good match for Jen.

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