Sarah Palin Spokeswoman Quits; World Rejoices

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Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s senior adviser and spokeswoman, Meghan Stapleton, resigned today. Who will craft Sarah's brilliant press releases now?!

Stapleton, a Palin confidante since 2006, said she is stepping down from her $96,000/year gig to spend more time with her 2-year-old daughter, Isabella.

Since the end of the 2008 presidential campaign, Stapleton has been one of only a few aides maintained and trusted by Palin - to everyone's detriment.

In recent years, Stapleton was a key strategic adviser and the pipeline for anyone seeking Palin’s attention, including Republican officials and reporters.

A total loose cannon at best, and shameless attack dog at worst, Stapleton helped transform Palin into a major political player. A very polarizing one.

Sarah Palin will be better off without her chief crony.

Meg Stapleton has also blessed those of us in the celebrity gossip world with near constant absurd fodder. Some of her most prominent career highlights:

  • Claiming any criticism of Sarah Palin is sexist
  • Bashing the living hell out of David Letterman
  • Trading weekly public barbs with Levi Johnston
  • Reaching out to embattled nut job Carrie Prejean
  • Trying to cash in on Bristol Palin and her baby
  • Sending John McCain's entire staff to the cardiologist

One senior McCain advisor quoted by the Huffington Post called her both "incompetent and a bad person," and one who "sacrificed integrity for ambition."

A woman whose media instincts were amateurish even on her best day, Stapleton will be missed by those of us who revere her ability to generate gossip.

Someone with serious political ambitions should never, ever hire her though.


Sarah Palin is a lier, ignorant, mean, petty, uneducated, has no culture, delusional, a troublemaker, terrible parent, all her kids are misfits. Toad is hanging on for the $$. Palin deserves to be nowhere, she is just a token. Please, send this disgraceful low class hillbilly trash and make her stay in Alaska. PALIN IS A JOKE!


Quitting a good-paying job? Sounds like Sarah Palin. To spend more time with her child? Sounds like a great idea, and doesn't sound like L'il Sarah at all. L'il Sarah runs around the country rabble-rousing and hate-mongering, dragging her Down Syndrome toddler with her when it drums up sympathy. Teen-pregnancy poster child Bristol is off to Hollywood, an environment Sarah lambasted (but it's probably OK with her now). God knows who's watching the other two kids -- dad's out mushing across Alaska. Sarah, staying home and being there for your children -- isn't that a good Conservative family value? PS: Was Meghan Stapleton the aide who allowed SP to take a ridiculous prank call on 11/2/08; Sarah actually thought she was talking to Nicolas Sarkozy, the president of France! (Google it; it's still hysterical!)




DMAC....You are out of your damn mind. Sarah is supported by 30% of the REPUBLICAN's. Get your facts straight man.


REMEMBER, HITLER WAS POPULAR, A MEGALOMANIAC AND A TOTAL NUTJOB ALSO, only difference was that Hitler was actually a bit (YIKES!) intelligent... in his manifest evil, while Palin is is just plain dumb. Palin "I can see Russia from my doorstep" Hitler "On to MOSCOW." Palin "I am in charge of all military operations in Alaska" (LOL) Hitler "I am in charge of the Wehrmacht"


Somebody call TONYA HARDING, because there is a job opening with her name on it.


I could care less how she mothers her child. That's Todd's problem. Sarah is the Professional and brings in the money! Sarah was the most popular governor in the country before the LIBERAL BRATS! decided to try to remake her. No one is listening to the nonsense comments that are listed here anymore. Your talking to yourself and do not offer an ounce of intelligent thought. Sarah has the support of 30% of the population. The only one who has higher at the moment is Obama, and his is shrinking by the second.


Now we all know how Sarah Palin became such a joke, oh wait a minute, its because she doesn'nt read, doesn't watch her family, all her kids are misfits and losers, Sarah has $$ in her eyes, Sarah is a joke and needs to go back home, Sarah Palin a NATIONAL DISGRACE!


I think the point was that Meghan didn't have the intelligence or sophistication to explain to poor Sarah that the point of satire is to get everyone to see everybody else's flaws except their own. Liberals love Sarah Palin! Sorry you whack jobs think she cursed by God. Sarah honey! We love you! Come over to our side, we'll take care of you and that cute little baby!


hollywood gossip. this is what passes for liberal news. can't wait until she kicks barry obama out of the white house.


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