Bristol Palin: The Height of Hypocrisy

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Earlier, we reported about teen mom Bristol Palin's upcoming cameo on ABC Famliy's The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Give it up for family values!

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    Please stop talking about the trailoor trash Palins. Sarah needs to be aressted for neglecting her kids. Track and Willow both have been in jail, rumour around Wasilla is that Bristol is knocked up again. Piper had to repeat a grade and poor Trig never sees his mother. I know someone from Wasilla and she said that everyone knoes that Palin doesn't take care of her kids and they are all losers!


    could somebody explain to me why young American women behave like sluts especially how they dress you dont see this overseas the females dress with class America is so grotty .


    I dont care who it is but all you single mothers especially teenage ones with multiple children are rearing and under belly of children who are dragged up and it is shameful especially when there is plenty of free birth control you are all morons to me its disgusting ...


    OMG Rosalita, your Mama must be proud...Poor, poor grammar, spelling, etc. You wrote Palin three times, and spelled it three different ways. Who do you think is going to value, or even pay attention to your opinion except to tell you how illiterate you come across. Pffffft!!!!


    Man, you guys stole my thunder! I was going to say to Rosalita; gabba waha heenip flonbat. Instead I'll just say, Que? Sorry, my computer doesn't do the upside down question mark.


    The Palins can drop dead for all I care, they prove that having money doesn't keep you from being stupid.


    In otherother terribly relevant news today, I just farted


    Rosalita, when you open your mouth or keyboard you are getting screwed. Denise is absolutely correct, your grammar is simply atrocious. Get some help or stay off public forums.


    What this family could use is a good tsunami.


    My goodness, lots of teens make mistakes, most aren't in the limelight 'cause of who their parents are. This is such OLD news, hmmmm, must be a s l o w newsday to put on OLD NEWS. So what, Big deal,,,nobody is perfect.

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