Rozlyn Papa Calls Out The Bachelor, Chris Harrison

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Rozlyn Papa, who was kicked off The Bachelor for an alleged relationship with a crew member, will be back for The Women Tell All special - with a vengeance.

She returned to confront her accusers at the taping for the traditional pre-season finale Women Tell All special with a shocking accusation of her own this time.

“I wasn’t nice to Chris Harrison,” the model said of The Bachelor host-pimp, who banished her for a supposed "inappropriate relationship" with Ryan Callahan.

Of her non-relationship with Callahan, who was also canned, Rozlyn says “Everyone who knows me knows that it wasn’t true and it’s all kind of silly.”

Rozlyn Papa says she called out Harrison, who she says “does not do well handling actual confrontation... it wasn’t scripted, he does well with scripted."

Chris Harrison: Bachelor Host

Rozlyn Papa is calling out Chris Harrison's meddling ... and flirting.

After Chris told her that he was hurt because one of "our dear friends" was fired over her supposed relations with him, Rozlyn retorted, "It’s funny you say that."

"I talk to this producer, the fact that you are friends is news to him. He didn’t get a friendly vibe when you were hitting on his wife last year in New Zealand!”


According to Rozlyn, Chris reacted poorly to her accusations. “He did not stomach it very well. He tried to play it off at first but you could tell he was pissed.”

The 28-year-old vixen says her time on stage abruptly ended after she accused Harrison, who is married, of hitting on Ryan Callahan’s wife (who dumped him).

“As soon as Chris Harrison started getting angry they whisked me off stage,” she said. “They’re crafty, those people over at The Bachelor. I hope they air it.”

We wouldn't bet on it.


Interesting how Jake can date 25 girls on the show and the girls only one man? I don't think the show should have let her go. It should have been Jake's decision. Roz was there to meet the man of her dreams right? So, maybe it wasn't Jake... What is the big deal?


I for one thought Rozlyn exposed Chris Harrison. He had the disposition of a person caught off guard when she confronted him with the accusation about his own extra marital flirtation. She also had every right to do so. Harrison was committing character assasination against her for the alleged inapropriate conduct of Rozlyn and the producer. He thereby puts the conduct of show staff at issue including his own.
The most annoying part of it all is his annoying condesending sanctimonious self-righteous attitude. This is a show that promotes sexual energy and enables one man to sleep with three different women on three consecutive dates. I laugh when Jake talks about sharing his values. Yeah right, he has the values of an NBA star.


Rozlyn if ask could not tell you how many men she has had sex with. What a worless piece of trash.


She is pathetic to call him out. I wish they hadn't aired it because she is a trashy disgusting person and she sunk to a new low. She totally just showed her true colors and should be ashamed of herself. What a loser.


So......Chris was "flirting" with the producers wife while in New Zealand? So.....Rozalyn was messing around with a married man??? Classy lady.


Wow, hard to believe they could find somebody more disgusting than Wes for this season but it looks like that was no problem.


It's "kicked to the curb", not "kicked to the curve".


I don't like Vienna but Gia? Really? Gia is a knock out but she seems shallow, insecure, and immature to me. She really had nothing to offer or contribute socially or in a conversation. I like Tenley the best.


I watched two episodes of see watch the buzz was all about. Both shows should be cancelled. Most of these women are store bought - and they lack the say they are "in-love", how can they honestly say that? They talk about each other......yet they forget that tv viewers will be watching their antics, as well as the other contestants when it airs. From what I heard, only 1 couple ever got married...and they about to get divorced. All I see is failure......please put a stop to this nonsense. Don't insult the viewers anymore.....


So let me get this straight... Some guy is dating 25 women. Those women are not allowed to date anyone other than him or he'll stop dating them. Right...that makes sense.

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