Ryan Callahan, Alleged Bachelor Crew Member / Cheater, Dumped By Girlfriend After Scandal

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The Bachelor producer who supposedly had an "inappropriate relationship" with contestant Rozlyn Papa just got dumped by his girlfriend, according to reports.

Hope it was worth it, Ryan Callahan! Whatever it consisted of!

The ABC staffer was already with someone when he allegedly wooed one Rozlyn, one of Jake Pavelka's rose recipients. She got kicked off the show as a result.

"He had a girlfriend that worked on the show at the time," a source tells E! News, claiming "They were together, and he cheated on her with [Rozlyn Papa]."

Callahan got dumped after the story broke. Here's a pic of the guy:

Ryan Callahan (The Bachelor)

Rozlyn Papa was booted for her "relationship" with Ryan Callahan!

To recap: On Monday's episode, Rozlyn was booted after host Chris Harrison vaguely accused her of an "inappropriate relationship" with an unnamed staffer (Callahan).

She admitted she was close to the crew member in question, but vehemently denied sex or even kissing took place and said, basically, that the show railroaded her out.

Yesterday, Chris Harrison hit back, insisting that the relationship was indeed physical, other people saw it, and they never would've fired Callahan without being sure.

Callahan has yet to comment, but to sum up, he sparked a national TV scandal, lost his job and his girlfriend, and probably never even hit it with Rozlyn. Nice work dude!

Who do you believe in The Bachelor scandal?


This is a scripted "bulls hit", I don't even find it disturbing anymore that a tv company is capable of ruining someone's life, what I find disturbing is that so many are ready to believe it. If anything this girl had shown more brain than any on the show and I would find it incredible that someone as calculating would ruin her chances like a $2 hooker sleeping with, for a lack of a better word, a beer barrel. What I smell here is that for whatever reason someone wanted her out because she was a clear threat. I was disgusted by seeing facial expression from other "lay dees" on the show sitting there "innocently", whose every movement, every word, every facial expression was theatrical, clearly over-expressing their emotions for camera, not an ounce of truth in it. Sure, Rozlyn fought them, who wouldn't.


She is a Ho-bag. They deserve each other.


The guy looks like the fat guy in the movie Superbad, and it would be quite whorish for a fine woman to schtup him just to get her 15 minutes. I agree with the Ali comment, she is very annoying and the dumb biatch should have asked for a few more weeks off her job to get the guy and keep the job.


If they make the new bachelorette that whiney Ali I wont watch anymore. Everyone I know hates her fake nasaly whiney voice.


Kind of hard to believe that that beautiful girl would risk all for that guy -- but she did not deny it on air --instead, said "I thought my personal life was my business."


guessing the pregnant Tenley preview was a "joke" she used as material at the comedy club...those were the clothes they were wearing that night. What a great way to lure viewers to watch thinking it was actually true!


Its hilarious that people don't see this is scripted.


it would be hilarious if he stepped forward and said he was fired because Rozlyn wanted to tell jake she had a son...(as if that even makes sense...even for Rozlyn...)...She was a desperate whore looking for extra face time, so she sought out the first horndog she could find and did her best way to physically earn that close-up....

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