Rozlyn Papa Bashes The Bachelor, Denies Sexual Affair with Crew Member

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Following shocking Bachelor spoilers about her alleged hookup with a crew member, Rozlyn Papa has come forward to deny rumors of "inappropriate behavior."

"I did not have a sexual relationship with a producer on the show," the 28-year-old model, who is believed to be get the boot next week, told Radar Online.

Promos for The Bachelor tease (and ABC has even sort of addressed) the scandal that will lead to the dismissal of a contestant on the January 11 episode.

But Rozlyn Papa insists she did nothing wrong.

"What they mean by inappropriate relationship is not what inappropriate relationship means in the real world," she said. "I did have a relationship with someone on [The Bachelor] that didn't benefit them. We remained close but we are not dating."

"This is a TV show and made for entertainment, but it is a far cry from reality," Rozlyn continued. "I know that things on television weren't always as they seemed, but I really had no idea the extent of the show manipulation."

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COME TO PAPA: You'd get a rose from us any day, Rozlyn!

A couple of days ago, ABC dropped the bomb that an unnamed female contestant had an "inappropriate relationship" with one of The Bachelor's producers.

We hear the single mom became livid with the show for not letting her talk to her son, and the "affair" was manufactured as a means of cutting her loose.

Sources say Rozlyn Papa did become close with a producer on the reality show, and that he even admitted feelings for her. But nothing actually happened.

As usual, the network will use crafty editing to make the situation appear worse than it actually was, and is issuing vague statements about the episode:

"It was an incident that we've never had to deal with before. It was tough for everyone, crew members, the women and Jake," host-pimp Chris Harrison said.

"Hopefully we can quickly move past this and it won't dominate the season. But definitely everyone will see what happens." Yes, definitely everyone will.

He did not mention Rozlyn Papa by name.

For her part, Roz says she has no regrets about her conduct, and certainly has nothing against the show's star, hunky pilot Jake Pavelka: "He is SO cute!"

UPDATE: The episode in which Rozlyn was kicked off The Bachelor has now aired (as of January 11). Who do you believe, her or the show? Vote below:


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Everyone KNOWS the bachelor has had the worst rating in television the last two years and the show is hangging on by the sking of there teeth. They created this scandal, and Chris Harrison is a COMPLETE JOKE of a man to sit there and attack Rozlyn. I'm not surprised in his actions with his job on the line ands the show on a decline. THe show need better ratings because there share was falling hard and fast. If there is video of Rozlyn show it, if there is recordings play them otherwise it's a bunch of catty female losers trying to prolong there thirty seconds of fame. And if she didn't do anything this is America Rozlyn sue the hell out of the network, Chris Harrison, the producers, and everyone of those catty wannabes sitting up there.


This is brutal.I'm watching the Women Tell All episode and it reminds me why I don't watch reality tv anymore.Really,I actually believe Rozlyn over the show.Just because some producer admitted to 'falling for her' ????? when did this become inappropriate behaviour??Good for you Rozlyn for having the courage to sit there with everyone judging you and trying to explain yourself.I really doubt that those girls actually saw things and I think that Chris Harrison is a dumbass and is totally fake!! This whole show is fake!! Why am I not watching the Olympics!!???!!! Ladies please find love somewhere off camera!! It's pathetic!


Guess what, they are wrong about Rozilyn and this producer guy. I worked at the hotel where the producer stayed at in Calif in Oct/Nov and he did have a woman with him but it was not the bachlorette from the show. The question is now - who is this other woman?? Maybe that is why the producer is not coming forward.........


I just have to mention that the word AMAZING is used much too much on this program. It is getting to be annoying. Is there any other word in the dictionary that could be used?


I have an open mind but I also know that ANYONE in that position would defend themselves, she did not. Yes, shows do make things more dramatic then they really are; however that being said she wasn't at all genuine with Jake and she was all about the game. So if she was never serious about him then what is to stop her from having an inappropriate relationship with someone. I think ABC did the right thing in letting her go, whether it was for flirting with someone else or sex. If you aren't there to find your soulmate and flirt with other people then you aren't there for the right reasons. I too am a a very attractive and confident woman, but my husband is my number one, and since the day we met he has remained my number one. You don't keep your options OPEN when you are trying to establish a relationship with someone!


Does anyone know where I can get some totally nude pics of Rozlyn. She clearly showed her hoochie mama to the world but ABC blocked it. Evidently she wants her private life public. Well, congrats Roz, now your son gets exposed to the garbage you put out there. Hey little boy, got any nude pics of you mom? Wanna see some!!!! Way to go Roz!!!


Rozlyn does kind of seem like a filthy whore in general. That said, I 100% believe her. Even Chris Harrison once said that "horrible decisions" were made involving the Rozlyn scandal -- which is what it was -- a scandal. If you readers believe for a second that what you see on TV is 100% accurate, then it's no wonder why America is in the sad shape it's in. The media manipulates the majority of you into believing everything you see. Shows like The Bachelor have been heavily edited. If the season isn't interesting enough, the producers go to great lengths to "sensationalize" everything and make it more dramatic. Hopefully the truth comes to light about this ordeal. I never hoped Rozlyn would be the Bachelor's choice, but I also never wanted her to get f'd over by the dishonest producers of the show just for a ratings boost. I don't even think it's fair to consider this REALITY TV anymore.


Dear KeepOpenMind, I'm trying. But the blog you post in one place says she was filmed for the episode having a 1 on 1 discussion which included something to the effect of “for the first time in Bachelor history, we’re going to have to let you go for having an inappropriate relationship with someone on the show.�. Then at the end it reads that she thought her departure would be explained as "something minor". So is she that dumb that she didn't remember the taped conversation or is someone lying? And if they will lie about that, why wouldn't they lie about whether they had sex or not?

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