Report: Tiger Woods Chased Down Girl to Recover Sex Tape, Pics After Threesome Gone Awry

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Tiger Woods and wife Elin are trying to repair a shattered marriage.

Whether they succeed or will be living apart permanently may hinge on some skeletons in his closet. And by skeletons we mean a couple Phoenix hoes.

About three years ago, Tiger was in bed with two girls, enjoying one of the raunchy threesomes he so favored, according to the New York Daily News.

"Suddenly, he realizes one of them is taking pictures or videotaping him with the other girl," says a source close to the situation. "Tiger goes ballistic."

"He starts chasing the girl. She runs out the door. He runs after her. I don't know how much clothing either of them is wearing, but Tiger finally catches up with her and grabbed her cell phone or camera or whatever it was that had the evidence."

That may be the funniest thing we've ever read.

Good luck trying to explain this one to Elin, Tiger.

We don't know what's more amazing about this account, the fact that it's Tiger Woods chasing down some girl trying to track down his own sex tape, or the fact that these chicks are not among the dozen Tiger Woods mistresses we know.

Probably the former.

In any case, Tiger was far from pleased, and the ladies promptly hit the road. A few days later, Tiger heard from the one he chased ... through her attorney.

"She claimed she'd been injured during their scuffle," says the source. "She'd hired a lawyer." Even if charges were baseless, Tiger was behind the eight ball.

After all, what could he say? According to the source, Tiger's handlers diffused the scandal by making an arrangement in which the girls got hush money.

Standard operating procedure.

You may recall in December, Tiger's lawyers won an order in London blocking the publication of any Tiger Woods sex tape or nude pictures ... if they exist, that is.

Could these women have been the ones shopping it?


Leave Tiger and Elin ALONe!!!!


Tiger Woods could and should put and end to this horrid situation by making a public statement. Tiger needs to tell the world that he is seriously committed to his rehab, his family and his career and that he wants to move on with his life. A statement from Tiger will help to stop or diminish the malicious rumors, innuendos and vicious attacks from women seeking money and revenge from him. I hope he does this soon because this ordeal has caused him and his family enough pain and suffering already.


When does he have time to play golf?!


Guy is trying to save His marriage in spite of what transpired..
Still the media is trying it`s best to see that do not happen.
What about putting Your resources in places where it`s needed..Like,
have You heard of Haiti..Your reporters can`t get into Afghanistan..etc . ?


what is it with the "damn inverted commas" and weird Upper Cases in every sentence? Giving me a "Damn Headache". Doesn't even make sense.Enough already.


News is news:When we see it on TV,it is news.The difference is,on these pages we get the golden opportunity to say what is being said in every Barber Shop and Beauty Shop in the world at any given time.Our opionions may differ as of the opinion of the person reporting the news, but nevertheless we want to hear the latest news.Now, back to the Woods,One of the best things that a couple can do is to repair a marriage,now in this case Tiger is the more wealthier party,so I will say it in reference to him,it is "cheaper to keep her". Now about tapes,and three other new women,if getting pinched and having to "paw out"money did not teach you a lesson about walking on the wild side,what can we say?


If two people people are trying to repair a shattered marriage "WHY DO YOU WANNA BREAK THAT UP". You people are sick and rotten to your bones, shame on you and you industry!!!!

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