Molly Malaney, Jason Mesnick Upset Over Bachelor Wedding Manipulation By Network

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Looks like Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka don't have a monopoly on The Bachelor drama. Molly Malaney and Jason Mesnick are dealing with their share.

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    The thing I have against Jason is how he went on TV and dumped Melissa. Why couldn't he have done it like a gentleman. I mean come on ABC probably said they would sue him or something so instead of fighting it he just did the meanest thing he could have done. He is a jerk. I did not watch the wedding cause I can't stand to look at them. She has the BUG EYES and BIG OL" TEETH. He has that ugly nose. Yucko!!! I hope Melissa realizes how lucky she is and as for the wedding she wouldn't have lowered herself to attend.


    Steven is Michael Stagliano's twin brother.Michael is dating Holly from the Bachelor London Calling year. lol (Deanna and Holly are best friends and dating twins).


    jason and Molly, best of every thing on your wedding day, and all ways, you both deserved it. I am looking forward to watched it on t.v. blessing, blessing, and more blessing. Molly was the the girl I picked for you in the beginning, thank God you wake up Jason........


    The only reason Melissa or DeAnna would attend is money, free trip ($$) or revenge....when will they see their 15 minutes of fame is over? Just as Jason and Molly's will soon be....although entertaining while it last, nothing last forever...well, except their marriage...let's hope!


    DeAnna is dating Steve Stagliano...Mike Stagliano's (Jillian season) twin brother!


    Melissa is way bigger than that! Molly is second class because he did not chose her first suppose things work out between jason and melissa she would not have a second chance. i see molly as jason spare tyre in that scenario. Hope melissa attend to show both of them especailly jason that he is an idiot and what he did to her was "small Fries" and show molly that she dont want her man!!


    I feel Jason made the right choice. I hope they have a wonderful life together. If Melissa has any class she will leave them be and let them enjoy their day. Life goes on and if Melissa can't accept that Jason and Molly belong together, stay home.


    Melissa won't even attend. She has way too much class!


    Doesn't matter if ABC is paying for it they shouldn't stir things up by having Ex's there. This is all about Jason and Molly not there past. I am looking so forward to watching the wedding .I wish Jason and Molly the best.And Ty.


    Oh no....not more of Melissa or Deanna.....won't these two awful women ever go away? Seems like they both still sure like the lime light.....and good grief...wasn't the awful New Years Eve bash enough for Melissa? Or does she want to continue to have her "pity parties" ?!?!?! Enough already...go back to Texas and stay have no talent for tv....

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