Vienna Girardi Accused of Cheating on Marine Ex, Draining His Bank Account to Pay For Boob Job

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The Bachelor hopeful Vienna Girardi is portrayed as pure evil by the other aspiring Jake Pavelka trophy wives. We always felt this was a little bit unfair.

If the allegations made by the new issue of Us Weekly are true, however, that's a different story. Maybe Ali Fedotowsky and Co. are onto something.

The Bachelor, Vienna Girardi

Vienna Girardi is a apparently an unemployed former Hooters waitress who withdrew the last $5,000 from her ex-husband Josh Riley's bank account.

The reason? To pay for breast implants, obviously. Hey, when you're a topless model for some random calendar, you do what you gotta do, right V?

Oh, and he was deployed in Iraq with the Marines at the time, during which he also says she cheated on him. Jake Pavelka, you'd better beware!

Vienna Girardi: Even worse than portrayed on The Bachelor!

"She took every bit of his money," Vienna's former mother-in-law Gale tells Us. "I know for a fact that the boob job was the first thing she had done."

What's more, when Josh Riley returned from his tour of duty (he was injured in Iraq during an explosion), Girardi had moved on ... and not told him.

Vienna "locked his belongings in storage and would not tell us where they were," Gale said, noting that they were married 10 months after eloping.

Poor guy also discovered that while he was in Iraq, "she slept with one of my buddies I was deployed with. I'm 99 percent sure she cheated on me."

Adds Riley, "Marrying her was a mistake." Sounds like it, man!

Any advice for Jake, who picks her on the season finale, according to Bachelor spoilers we've read? "I'd rather not comment," Riley said. "I'd like to forget."


Obviously Vienna is a gold digger and trashy but doesn't that also mean that Jake is trashy too? Like chooses like or as my granny used to say, "Sleep with dogs, wake with fleas" times two.I am really happy Tenley isn't with Jake, she has more class than Jake or Vienna. But, I have feeling poor old Jake is going to be taught a lesson by Vienna. God I sure hope he will be requesting a prenup... Maybe next time he will use his head, the one attached to his neck. m


I thought it was just me - but Vienna is crosseyed, right? Not that that seems to matter but I can't seem to fathom what Jake sees in either of these 2 people. Tenley's voice is something else. Can't stand it.


Vienna is WHITE TRASH!!! Lets hope Jake sees it soon!


I do not believe all these rumors.
If Jake pick Tenley It will be a sad bachelor show.
If Jake pick Vienna they both will be happy together.


Tenley and Vienna both of them have dirty secret nobody are perfect in the world.


Those who hate Vienna stop it you all are just jealous because he did not pick you all stop judging Vienna.
Let Jake be happy if he like love Vienna so let them be happy together you all just jealous.


This is just a rumors about the dirty secret rumors yeah right.


Vienna looks trashy, sounds trashy, and is just plain TRASH! What does Jake see in her?


Hate Vienna. She is not right. A gold digger.


This is a sad story but it is not unique at all, which is why I wholeheartedly believe it is true. So many women marry marines when neither are ready. The guys go off for extended deployments and the girls sit at home, lonely with access to their husband's deployment money (which is their HAZARD pay for being in the line of fire). It all starts with the "wives" feeling sorry for themselves because they dont have the attention of their husbands. They inevitably cheat and then feel entitled to their husband's money. I have heard too many stories exactly like this and its too common. If this Vienna girl has done this, she is the worst kind of scum on the planet.

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