All In the Details Interview: Robert Pattinson Speaks Out

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In a new interview with Details magazine, Robert Pattinson sort of makes sort like John Mayer.


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    I know this is old but I can't help but wonder is he or isnt he another racist SOB just like John Meyer and others. I don't care for John Meyer at all but I do like SOME of his music. I too am a fan of R-patts and I am a black american female. Nothing piss me off more then to be a fan of some white actor/actress (or other non black actor/actress) and they turn out to be some racist SOB. If this is true about Robert, then FUCK em! I don't need to be a fan of some racist white asshole. I'm really trying not to take that comment as a racist one cause I think him and Kristen are a cute couple together. And I have a little bit of a crush on this fuck too. Huh. So Robert, if your reading this, think before you open up your mouth. I don't want to have to get nasty and racist myself.


    tamilil interview attend panrathu than g.d. & personal interview details (tamil)


    Omg he def. looks gay i'm gonna be sick.


    Cheryl that WAS awful and I doubt he misspoke. The context with the interviewer introducing the word doesn't change it a whit. I'm surprised but I guess I shouldn't be shocked. I mean how much can we really know about people we don't know?


    Cheryl, he wasn't stereotyping a people.

    The interviewer (who is AA herself), said that he lowers his voice to a near whisper when he says the word "actor." She likened it to the hushed tone some people use when using the antiquated term "negro."

    Rob's joke (and if you've followed him you know he often misspeaks) was that the combination of the two terms ("acting" and "negroes") would lead to such hushed levels of speech that no one could hear them. It was a silly joke but he wasn't in any way suggesting that black people "act" in any particular way.


    I was a true Rob Pattinson/Kristen Stewart fan! I didn't expect this sort of interview from Rob. I'm especially offended by him saying "What if we were 'acting' like 'Negroes'? Then we'd be fucked—we couldn't hear anything. . . ."

    I am African American and loved nothing better than Robsten! I had google alerts for Robsten, I SINCERELY loved the movies and the possible relationship with Kristen. I'm not a teenager, I'm much older, and I thought that Rob was really a classy and nice young man. He may very well be that, but I am shocked by this interview! I wish him well, but his comments are inappropriate and hurtful to a lot of fans. I was a HUGE fan, but I can't support anyone who finds humor in stereotyping a people.


    I think the twilight series was much more better than the new twilight saga new moon.


    I liked your commentary in that you noted that he's super intelligent but I don't want him to be in anyway associated with that racist douche John Mayer. Even if it's just with words.

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