This is Way Too Easy

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Come on, Kim Kardashian. At least give us a challenge.

The provocative socialite attended a party this week in celebration of Melanie Brown's new line of Sugar Factory lollipops (yes, Melanie Brown has her own line of lollipops and an event was thrown in its honor) and posed on the red carpet like this:

Oral Sex Simulator

Kim must REALLY enjoy a sweet treat and/or an opportunity to relive her days as a sex tape star.

Typically, we'd ask readers to submit a caption for this photo, but we're a family site. It would be impossible to keep those clean. Instead, we'll pose the following scenario/question:

Photos of Kardashian striking this pose are plastered all over the Internet.

But what would happen if Adam Lambert made the same gesture? Would he be celebrated as a sex symbol and given the kind of opportunities afforded to Kim to make money off this reputation, or crucified as a bad influence on children?



I think kim hardashian is amazing and very beautiful all the time so anyone that disagrees with that theres something wrong with them so stop hating on her.


The gal is just being fucked n lettin the whole world c,a famous thing?! She a plain bitch who besides havin a nice body clearly has no brains.


omg guys shes blinking
cant you ever leave her alone
shes just a human she cant look
good all the time


Why the hell should u insert adam's'name here?! He hasw nothing to do with this whatsoever


don't know what's yall problem about her i love her she's my role modle


Gutter wh***
Stop posting on this talentless broad and she will loose popularity and hopefully disappear


WOW, THG! That's pretty deep! I think it says a lot about society when a woman is allowed to behave like a PORN STAR on tv and billboards that are seen by children everywhere, and its acceptable, and yet a gay man cannot behave, well, like a GAY MAN.


double standards, anyone? and tell me again why is she famous? btw, adam lambert is a genius with a fabulous voice. and he`s beautiful.


She looks stupid, not sexy. And of course Adam would be unjustly vilified and ridiculed if he tried something like this.


She's extremely annoying. Why does she get so much unneeded attention? Real classy.


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