Taylor Momsen is Kind of Obnoxious

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Whether she's acting indifferent to Haiti earthquake relief, calling out Lindsay Lohan or not giving a f*%k about being a role model, Taylor Momsen does not hold back.

Gossip Girl spoiler alert: The 16-year-old is kind of brat!

In Britain’s Times Online, she discusses being a role model. "To be honest, I really don't f---ing care," the actress/model said. "I didn't get into this to be a role model."

Okay then!

"So I'm sorry if I'm influencing your kids in a way that you don't like," she politely adds. "But I can't be responsible for their actions, and I don't care."


The many looks of Taylor Momsen, 16 going on 36.

Also of note, Taylor "exclusively hangs out with people older than her" and gets to wear so much cool, expensive designer fashion as a result. Whoop dee doo!

Fun fact about Momsen: She was in the final three choices for Hannah Montana back in the day. She lost out to Miley Cyrus, natch, but she's cool with it now.

Taylor is waaaaay too cool for that anyway.

"Honestly, if I'd have ended up as Hannah Montana, I don't know if the show would have gone as well," she laughs. "I probably would have told them all to go f--- themselves by the time I hit 11. Don't know how that would have gone down."

Spoken like a true class act.


When I saw the I f%uck for satan shirt,I knew that this girl is not only material,fake,slutty.She's also f#cked for eternity.How stupid and misguided,to say the least............


I hate this WHORE! Miley is waaaay better than TM coz TM is trying to imitate such people like Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan.


OMG Really??? she's a whore?, a brat?, a female dog that's bad?, OMG LOL :) WOW I'm totally surprised!!!! She seemed like the greatest person since Tiger Woods. I'm shocked really really. Need I say it more? REALLY


It's truly pathetic and sad that people berate and bash a young adult just because they're in the limelight. There are SOO many girls in High Schools all across America that are infinitely worse than Taylor, and these are the girls that are directly influencing your kids. She's young. That's all. Get off your computers and do something productive with your time. Harshing on our youth isn't going to magically fix their destructive habits. Mentor kids then hope for the best. But really guys, get a life.


your only put under scrutiny if your in your teens and you try to act all miss innocent when your not, thats why miley gets so much shit, she was all "im saving myself for marriage" when really...
taylor has always been trashy, shes not fake, she says it how it is...but taylor is just a wannabe, her career will fade out...


Sorry, but this little idiot is burning her own bridges with every "edgy" word she speaks. Asshole doesn't even have a CLUE!!! I hope she crashes and burns a la BLOHAN.


16, is that her age or IQ. I'm sure we'll see her travelling the road to rehab soon. What an absolute worthless sack of skin


I like her!!!
I'm glad she didn't get picked for Hanna...
She does so much better as a bitch on GG! Go T!


This chick is really getting on my nerves!


i think taylor has a point. For all the moms out there, she's just a 16 year old girl. I'm sure when you were a 16 year old girl, you weren't a good role model either. At least she's honest about her life. I don't understand how just because someone is in the acting industry, people automatically think they have to be a "role model". It's a parent's job to be a role model for their kids. Not a teenage girl on a tv show where the show is based on sex, drinking, drugs, and parties.
Everyone should give her a break. It's hard enough to be a teenager, she really doesn't need all these people criticizing her on every little move she makes.


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