Tila Tequila Twitter Ticker: On Suicide Watch, Really Sorry to God

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Over the weekend, when asked by E! News about Casey Johnson's funeral, Tila Tequila (shockingly) made the event all about herself. She said:

"I don't want to talk about the funeral. I wasn't allowed to go and I am so upset. I can't sleep and I am on suicide watch."

Fortunately, it sounds as though the attention-starved blogger is no longer in danger of slitting her wrists. She's moved on, as evidenced by a series of Tweets she posted last night.

Unusually Serious

We really can't do her apology to God, nor her vow to be happy in honor of Johnson, justice. So we'll let Tequila take it from here...

  • 1st I would like to Apologize to GOD for feeling vindictive. It's tough right now, but I'm better than that. So I apologize God. Never again
  • Wow I feel A LOT better now! No point in wasting negative energy on negative people. It gets you NOWHERE!
  • So tired of drama. YOU GUYS READY FOR THE "OLD" TILA BACK??? Cuz I'm back & I love POSITIVE THINGS!
  • Ok I LOVEEEEEE feeling this happy again! YAYY I MISSED FEELING THIS WAY SOOOOO MUCH! WEEEE! Can u give me 3 more minutes 2 enjoy this? hehe
  • Umm excuse me to the happy cockblockers! My Wifey would NOT want to constantly see me sad. She wants to see me HAPPY! So now I will do that!
  • Naw I've had a very long long past few weeks. Me tired. Me going to sleep now. Good news tomorrow ok? me go bye bye zzzzzz is that mean? lol

We're glad Tila is feeling better, but bummed this may mean the end to her Twitter war with Perez Hilton.

Below, watch a hilarious video that recounts how these two losers have been at public odds with one another.




if ms tequila, had not convinced casey,to buy for her the huge diamond that was bought, then casey's family wouldn,t have come down on her in a time when casey needed attention and love,instead casey lies dead and the family went to a ball game.


Does anyone else think that she looks like an alien? You know the big eyed aliens not the illegal ones.


its probably stupid that i go to "Leave a Comment" to write this but...................................................................................................... no comment.


I agree. I would not be surprise if the Police suspect Tila for the cause of Casey Johnson death. If you all recall when Tila announce that Casey and her were engaged, Casey did not seem like herself. Look at the video. Tila was doing all of the talking. I agree with the Johnsons by not letting Tila attend Casey's funeral. I really think that Tila was a bad influence on Casey. My Casey rest in peace in Heaven. I really feel so sorry for Casey's family.


Tila Is such a very stupid girl to think that God will except her without her repenting about her sins. I don't much blame the Johnson family for not wanting her to attend the funeral. For all we know, she may have been the cause of Cassey's death. It is really ashame but, perhaps the truth. Tila actually calls Cassey her wifey and how she will see her in heaven. How lost is Tila? Very lost. I don't get why people consider her a celebrity. She is putting herself out there as being a Whore. Beautiful trash.


When this was going on I posted on Fatass' website how funny it was to see these two nobodys in a Twitter war and he censored the comment lol. I really can't decide which of them is more vile. I've never seen anyone so starved for any type of attention. It'd be nice if they would both just go away.


Tila & Pigez are 2 rotten peas in a pod....just alike...Pigez probably is jealous of Tila's attention, and his lack-there-of, even though her means of attention is nauseating...I can't stand either one of them...


I had to shut the sound off about 20 seconds into the video, dear gawd that voice is abrasive as hell. Tila is a gutter whore & Perez is a sloppy whore, neither win, both lose. Tila is like lice, sucking all the publicity & beauty she can from others & I hope to hell she is sent to jail for all the shit she has pulled then invoking Casey's name to try to get sympathy. What a dirty, nasty, little girl.


these two are extreme idiots

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