Jersey Shore Season Finale Recap: "That's How the Shore Goes"

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All good things must come to an end. So, too, must the first season of Jersey Shore, and The Hollywood Gossip has all the action recapped below as only we can.

Last night's ninth and final episode of the MTV hit's inaugural run was somewhat subdued and sentimental (seriously), which wasn't a bad thing. Let's get to it:

Pauly D's girl says the gang is "acting like Israelis." Vinny's reply: "Israelis are like [machine gun noises, gestures]." Equal opportunity stereotypes! Minus 3.

Vinny, Pauly D, and Mike head out for some male bonding. Plus 4, because this surprisingly normal behavior makes them actually look like chill dudes. Almost.

Sammi bails Ronnie out of jail after his latest fight. They hug. He says he's not sorry he hit the guy, only that he got caught, blah, blah, we're bored. Minus 5.

Upset over guys, Snooki decides to dance away the pain. Solo. In broad daylight. People stare as if this were the first Oompa Loompa in a white, leopard print mini dress they've ever seen break it down in front of a camera crew. Plus 6.

Snooki Dance Party

One-woman dance party. Snooki stizzyle.

Pauly D: "We stayed boys throughout this whole thing. This bond that we shared brings us together and no one can ever take that away from us, ever. Like, we take that with us for life, this bond ... That was deep." It sure was. Plus 4.

Sammi and Ronnie go out on a date, "somewhere out of Seaside ... getting away from it all." In Belmar, an even trashier location 17 miles up the coast. Minus 3.

The pair toasts each other and their future, post-Shore. Actually kinda sweet. Plus 2.

Poor Snooki whines about guys some more. Geez, give it a rest, girlfriend, Minus 7.

We learned last night that Vinny thinks Pauly D is "ridiculously, ridiculously good looking." Pauly D's look to the camera said it all. He's the ultimate guido! Plus 9.

Snooki and The Situation go hot-tubbing. We're scared for what's coming. Minus 5.

Snooki and Mike Make Out

The Situation and Snooki suck face. We're as grossed out as you.

Revolting as watching Snooki maul The Situation might seem, he was actually being genuinely nice to her, before, during after making out. Plus 6 for his sensitive side.

Mike: "Next thing you know, Snooks' clothes just started coming off!" No no no no no. Fortunately, he puts a stop to it, because they're like siblings, so only Minus 3.

Cue season-ending montage:. Fights. Hook-ups. Pickles. Abs. Fights. Hair spray. Fist-pumping. Fights. Hot tub action. Arrests. Laughs. Fights. The Situation. Plus 5.

TOTAL: +10! SEASON: +56! We're ready for a break from the Shore, but we also can't want for it to return. Follow the link for a full season of Jersey Shore quotes!


Way to go Jersey!!!


Oh what a great idea! Another season is in the works, good going, Jersey Short is teaching kids how get drunk and make fools of themselves even more. Why do these guys look more like in their 30's and 40's. Another season with a payraise will get them more cases and cases of booze so they can party 'til they drop. Setting a good example for kids, aren't they?


seaside is way trashier than belmar ya fuggin idiot


I still did't see what's the plot suppose to be in this Jersey Shore...all they ever did was argue over silly things, get drunk, continue their senseless arguments, beat up someone for looking at them the wrong way. What is this show supposed to be about? All they ever did was go out partying getting drunk as a skunk. Must be setting a good example of how young ones should act when out in public. The only cute one was Vinny, and Mike was soooo much INTO himself. Talks like the whole world revolves around JUST him...and he talks waaaaaay to much. Another season coming up,,,hmmmm, pick up where they left off and party somemore.


Here's a funny video about brother and sister Mike & Snooki:


Yeah, I watched the reunion lastnight and was mad w/ sammi. Ronnie seems to be such a sweet Guy and shes crushin him, thats how the sweet ones turn jerk offs.Why do i say this you ask? because she was two faced talking w/ mike behind ronnies back.(guilty, thats y she was cryin) Ronnie was right when he said she was dame near havin a heart attack over Jenni (jawow). so sad...seemed like a great couple but whats the use if one is a back stavar (sammi)


trashy yankees are hilarious.....fugly trashy girls


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i think dat snookiers is da best, i was a little mad that she hooked up with mike, but i guess what happens at the shore stays at the shore. love u lots snook!!!!!!!!!!

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