Racist Dude Whose Ass Ronnie Magro Kicked on Jersey Shore Angling For Rematch

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Stephen Izzo says he got a raw deal. And by raw deal, we mean he got hit in the back of the head. After heckling the most juiced up of all the guidos.

That's right, the guy who Ronnie knocked the f*%k out on Jersey Shore last Thursday claims he got sucker punched. Sure you did, Steve. Good story.

Ronnie From Jersey Shore

Sucker-punched or not, you shouldn't go heckling the Jersey Shore cast. It will end in a fight. Ronnie Magro's boardwalk blowup landed him in jail - but he won!

Not that Izzo is focused on that. He's moving on with his life after this most unfortunate incident ... kidding, he's milking it and gunning for a rematch!

Izzo says he was trying to fight MTV security after they broke up his group's expletive-filled tussle with the guidos, when a guy came out of nowhere.

That's when Ron-Ron delivered a haymaker to the back of his head, Izzo says, leaving him lying on the pavement and getting Ronnie Magro arrested.

Anyway, Izzo says he's itching for Round Two.

He says he's gonna show up for Ronnie's court appearance in a few weeks. We'll see if he puts his money where his mouth is. If so, he'll likely eat pavement again.

Just to clarify, this is not to be confused with the fight Ronnie got in during the previous episode. His scuffle with these morons landed them in the clink as well.

Oh, and one final note on the classy Stephen Izzo. This loser took to the Internet after the episode aired last week and typed the following disgusting tirade:

"lets get something straight what u didnt see is i never fought ronnie i was fighting...those N**GER bouncers when that bitch ran over and snuck me."

"then got stomped out by those 3 n**gers as he ran away."

Wow. We couldn't be happier Ronnie whomped this jackass.


Hey stephen izzo,
shut the FUCK up, you got knocked the FUCK out and you will forever be known as the faggot who got punched on jersey shore


All you are abunch of faggots wanna be hardcore lil kids,STFU ronnie will beat any of yall ass one on one or whatever the situation one punch is all it took to knock that faggot Izzo out back of the head or not this isn't UFC there ain't no rules when it comes to street fighting it is what it is. And that faggot Izzo talking about of shit racist lil bitch I would like to see him try to pull that shit in cali fool will end up 6ft deep.


They never showed the dudes square up the camera was on the rest of the cast until they showed ronnie bouncing like a bitch. My guess is this dude did get knocked in the back of the head. And if that's the case then he's a bigger bitch then sammy made him look like since season one. And it doesn't surprise me if he did with the way he put his hands on sammy dude if that was my sister there'd be problems and believe me ain't no one knocking my ass out with one punch.


anyone who comments on this without watching the video is a dumbfu*k. Ronnie did NOT "suckerpunch" anyone, he fought that guy face to face. Infact, the other guy started swinging at ronnie first. Ronnie tried to even avoid fighting, but the guy just kept on being a total ass and well, got what he deserved.


Who gives a fuck if you sucker punch someone! Not saying it's right, but if you're pissed then do something about it


calm down stop talking like izzo is tuf... to everyone who think izzo will smash ronnie needs to go an kiss there mamas fat assssss


a real man doesn't punch men from behind...clearly the douchebag-hypocritical-insecure closetcase had to punch the dude from behind cause he knew he'd get his sad ass beat. im not sayin the other guy was right...but ronnie is...the same thing he called sammie...c-word. i wont use it to not offend any women. but seriously, anyone backing this guy up really needs to have someone punch them when they least expect it in the back of the head.


he look like fucking fred flingtons


Whoever wrote this article is a pathetic retard. That juicehead asshole Ronnie sucker punched the dude and knocked him out. Anyone who is glad that another person is knocked unconscious needs to get knocked the fuck out themselves. That's you, "Free Britney". Do you really expect that after getting knocked unconscious anyone wouldn't have some choice language? According to you, "racist" words are somehow worse than being a violent thug.


n sober or not your cuzin would still get knockout by anybody short or not u wanna play that let see if ya got the balls 2 come down here

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